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Rhubarb Relish and Aged Cheddar Toasties

Rhubarb Relish and Aged Cheddar Toasties


Makes 4 Sandwiches 8 slices rustic sliced bread (potato bread works well here)

8 slices Medium Cheddar Cheese

12 Tbsp Preserve Co. Rhubarb Relish (3 Tbsp relish per toastie)

6 Tbsp room temperature butter

Preheat a non-stick pan over medium heat.

Butter one side of a slice of bread, and place bread butter-side-down onto skillet bottom and add 1 slice of cheese. Top with Preserve Co. Rhubarb Relish. Cover the Relish with a second slice of cheddar. Butter the slice of bread on one side to crown the sandwich; butter-side-up. Grill until lightly browned and flip over; continue grilling until cheese is melted.

Repeat with remaining slices of bread, butter, Preserve Co. Rhubarb Relish and sliced cheese.

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Kim Bacon - January 4, 2020

This looks delicious!! I will have to order the relish and try this 😊 thank you!

Doreen - January 4, 2020

I honestly thought I was the only one who put cheese together with rhubarb relish – a ‘closet’ choice for breakfast over the years! lol

Bruce, Shirley and staff, I would like to wish each of you and your families a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. It seems such a short time ago that we celebrated the year 2000 and with a blink of the eye here it is 2020. We celebrated some wonderful times – and not so wonderful – as we went through valleys of darkness but enjoyed the views from mountain tops as well. Living life! What a journey!

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