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About Us

Preservers of fruit, tradition, and memories!

Built on old-fashioned values of quality, hospitality, and service, the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company has been welcoming guests for over 35 years.
Nestled on the banks of the River Clyde, in the picturesque village of New Glasgow, The Preserve Company is housed in a 1913 butter creamery—a historic centrepiece of the community—that was rescued from demolition by Bruce and Shirley MacNaughton in 1987.
The MacNaughtons had a vision for the property: “To create a food destination that welcomes and treats guests to food with integrity and flavour.”
The business started with the production of low-sugar preserves and gradually expanded to include a wide variety of specialty food items and a 125-seat dining room with one of the best views on the island.
 We are Adam and Marsha Doiron. In 2022 we nervously and excitedly became the proud new owners of our favourite venue on PEI. The Preserve Company is a very special place to us. We love it so much, we chose to get married here back in 2006!
 When we bought the business, we were fortunate enough to inherit some of the most loyal employees you could wish for. Some of our team members have been working here for 16, 20, and 30 years! That says a lot about how special this place really is. 
 Every day we hear stories from people who have their own special memories of The Preserve Company. Folks return here year after year on their summer bucket list stop, to stock up on their favourite preserves, or just to take a breath while exploring the gardens. People celebrate anniversaries here, get married here, and mark all sorts of special occasions. Usually with a slice of raspberry cream cheese pie.
As the owners of this property, we’ve taken on a big responsibility. We have to make sure nothing happens to break the magic spell that seems to have been cast over our bright red roof. 
 We’re making more than preserves out here in New Glasgow. We’re making a difference. Every single day.  Whether that’s providing a backdrop for someone’s best vacation day on PEI, supporting a local farmer, or employing one of our neighbours, we’re touching lives and adding sweetness to a world that needs as much sweetening as possible!
 We’re excited to learn from our team and to grow with their help as we add our own energy to continue the wonderful legacy that was started by the MacNaughtons. 
 We invite you to set aside a few hours to come and explore our beautiful gardens, enjoy a delicious meal, sample some of our small batch artisan specialty food items and take in the view of the River Clyde. 
 Keep an eye out for the eagles, say hello to the goats, and don’t forget to visit the butterfly house. It’s pure magic. 🦋