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This is My Opinion + Optimism is an Attitude and a Choice + Shrinking Clothes

This is My Opinion + Optimism is an Attitude and a Choice + Shrinking Clothes

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island, 

Thank you for allowing me into your space and time day. 

Let's have a cuppa together. 

Last week, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with five men with whom I have acquaintance and an appreciation.

I enjoyed the time, and I look forward to the next get-together.

After spending the past year more or less shut-in and being an extrovert, being with others in conversation was refreshing.

Heading to work after the breakfast social, I started thinking about one word.

And it is the thread I pulled on today. Opinion

Looking up synonyms, I found the most relevant as determined by Google’s algorithm.

Post of View

When I review and think about each word, it reminds me of how society has in ‘my opinion’ moved from ‘we to me.’

It would be wonderful to see discussions on how we can make things better. And end with decisions made for the common good. Versus decisions to please the squeakiest wheel collective. 

Pulling on this thread today has me entering a rabbit hole. And a topic that most likely was someone’s doctoral thesis.

Keeping this in mind, I have to give the subject, ‘a nice to meet you’ synopsis today.

How do opinions get formed?

Where do they come from? 

Why do we form them?

We have public opinion, legal opinion, judicial opinion, group opinion, scientific opinion and some attempt to make decisions based on fact. 

When I searched for the meaning of opinion, I found this on Psychology Today.

Opinions = Attitudes

In the psychological literature, “opinions” are referred to as “attitudes.” At the most fundamental level, people’s attitudes are described as being either positive or negative. 

Besides an attitude’s positivity or negativity, researchers have also identified many other features that matter. For example, attitudes could be broad or more specific.  Or attitudes could be based on morality.

There are a host of attitude features that have proven incredibly important in the research on attitudes. But there’s one especially useful distinction when it comes to people’s attitudes:

Whether they’re strong or weak.

The Three Tenants of Strong Attitudes

Although every attitude a person has can influence them—from their attitudes toward shampoo to their attitudes toward the military—researchers are particularly interested in strong attitudes.

Strong (vs. weak) attitudes are those that:

  • Persist over time
  • Resist persuasion
  • Guide behaviour.

Strong (vs. weak) attitudes are the durable (persistent and resistant) and impactful (influential) attitudes that people hold.

Thus, researchers are most interested in understanding how people come to have strong attitudes and, importantly, what can be done to change them.

"The frontier is not a place; it is more of a positive and broad-minded attitude coupled with courage and audacity."~ Jeffrey A. Krames

When those with strong opinions need to express them, I think of the expression soapbox.

Blogs can be soapboxes within the context of the internet.  And if this is my soapbox, let it be for good.

Sharing our opinion with others says a lot about our values.

At times I need to sit down and question where my opinion originates.

I regret sharing an opinion and learning I hurt someone with it. Or feel bad about myself after my ignorance is displayed.

It is natural to share opinions, and I do so based on what I think to be true. And sometimes, I do this to feel safe or superior in some way. (in my head at this very moment, I hear a giant buzzer hit by the game show host, WRONG)

I love being part of civil discussions where everyone is open to learning and growing.

Suppose peace of mind is the ultimate goal, then discussions can be fun and fun-da-mental to peace.

When you are firmly committed to your inner journey,
where you go outwardly becomes irrelevant.
The real journey is the journey to peace within your own heart.
The only question that can be asked on the inward journey is,
“am I at peace?”
If you are not at peace, then you have identified with something
outside of yourself.
Peace is always there. It seems to disappear
only because you turn your attention elsewhere. - Paul Ferrini

At the beginning of this year, I shared my word for the year was growth. I want development and peace of mind. With these as the goal, I need to regularly reflect on my opinions/attitudes. In doing so, allows me to learn if they are hindering my mental well-being. 

Also, through the lens of is it helping others ask myself, am I?

To grow, I need to be an open listener. To grow as a society, we all need to be better listeners.

I love meeting people and most times enjoy hearing what they think.

I met thousands upon thousands of folks visiting our place. As a result, I have had the pleasure and displeasure of attending to a lot of opinions.

Optimism is an attitude and a choice. It involves context and focus. We’re not deluding ourselves with the reassurance that everything is going to be okay (because that’s not productive). Instead, we’re committed to finding things we can contribute to, work on and improve.
We’re devoted to seeking out useful lessons and to discovering
where the benefit of the doubt might be helpful.

Positive thinking doesn’t solve every problem. But it’s a much better tool than negative thinking. ~ Seth Godin

In letting go of hardened opinions, I don’t need to worry about knowing anything.

If I am curious, have a capacity for wonder and a spirit of gratitude, I can have peace of mind on call anytime, anyplace.  Amen.

"Gratitude is the inner gesture & attitude from which thank you springs when it is genuine is gratefulness." ~ Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast

All the 'what,’ all the 'how' is waiting for us to discover its ‘why.'

We can dive in, grow and pass it on. Be surprised, amused and inspired.

‘Happiness is when what you think, what you say,

and what you do are in harmony.’ ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

 Being true to myself and true to my word is one of the secrets to living a good life.


Wishing a wonderful weekend on you and yours. And to all the mothers, I say thank you for the gift of life. 

With love from Prince Edward Island. 

Bruce & Millie

ps. Your Morning Smile

“Darling, I think the new dryer is shrinking my clothes.”

“No, sweetie, that was the fridge.”

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Bruce MacNaughton - May 10, 2021

The birds in the photo are ‘bank swallows.’

althea - May 10, 2021

Ditto, Phil Britton. Bruce, what are those delightful, gorgeous happy birds. And where is this please? Thanks. Stay and be well. Peace. Blessings.

Phil Britton - May 9, 2021

Man you just seem to hit it every weekend. Happy to hear you were able to get out with others!
Just a of thought required today opinions can be so mistaken for their meaning or intent. Need to really
have them come from the heart before sharing them>

Lynn - May 8, 2021

Loved the quote “To find peace, you have to find gratefulness.” Along iwthyour great blog, it’s given me lots to think about.

Cherye-Monique Edgar - May 8, 2021

“I love being part of civil discussions where everyone is open to learning and growing.” Best sentence in your post today, in my opinion 😋

This is what I want with every conversation and discussion that I have with people. Open mindedness is essential. I freely admit that I have strong opinions that I tend to stick with, but I am always willing to listen and learn if yours is different. It’s an opportunity to grow and be better.
I have been blessed to find friends who feel the same way.

Murdock Morrison - May 8, 2021

An interesting blog on opinion and attitude as we all have met people who have strong opinions and we then begin to judge their attitude and the kind of person that they are. The problem is when you try to change their opinion and then you notice how their attitude has changed. Trying to be positive as much as you can is always the best course to take no matter how difficult one’s opinion is because then you have to try to change their attitude and that becomes a battle. Thanks and have a good week. Murdock

Janet Dickie - May 8, 2021

Thanks so much for your blog Bruce – as always SO inspirational ! I sit here today remembering last Mothers Day 2020 when I had ordered a beautiful basket of such delectable treats for my mom in Charlottetown / and how your staff were unbelievably helpful and kind in helping fill it with goodies as covid shortages last year were starting to happen -my mom loved the basket —I didn’t realize it was the last Mothers Day we would have her here as she unfortunately passed away Oct 2020 – thanks for all you do that brightens our days

Gwen Gaudet - May 8, 2021

Love the blog, very thought provoking. Learned something new and went out to find the books The Choice and the Gift. Life long friend always enjoy your smile, your attitude, your beautiful story and just knowing all these great things you do for others! Cheers Bruce

Anne Gillis - May 8, 2021

Your word for the year ‘growth’ reminded me of my word for last year and this year – ‘allow’. It invites interesting reflection. I do enjoy these Saturday reads….

Nancy - May 8, 2021

In the stillness of the morning with the rain coming down, as I’ve been reflecting on your blog it reminded me of something I read this week on Facebook that aligns with what you shared:

LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters. Think about it.

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