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Spring Has Sprung and It Is Travel Time.

Posted on April 28, 2018 by Bruce MacNaughton

Dear Friends,

I apologize for my absence from blogging last weekend.  Shirley and I have been travelling overseas and I had the best of intentions to maintain my blog schedule while vacationing, but we've just been having too much fun.

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."~ Leonardo da Vinci

We spent the last week travelling all over Israel. 

Safe, clean, great food, fun people who love to laugh, sing and dance.

Did I mention the beauty, the history, the culture!

Unmatched anywhere we have ever been, and we have travelled. We would come back here in a heartbeat.

Everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime. 

For the first few days, I thought, next time we come back we would rent a car and get around the country. But after the last few days, I think I would pass on that. I started noticing the driving habits and the fact that every third car I saw had a ding, a scrape or dented fender told me to forget that idea. 

We took a taxi today, Saturday the 28th from the Tel Aviv Airport to Jaffa. 

The driver had Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On on the music system quite loud, complete with video while his phone was sucker stuck on his dash. It worked and sounded great. 

It made me a bit emotional hearing a Canadian singing such a beautiful song while travelling in another country. 


It is a joy to learn different cultures. We love it.

While we've been away, the business has been in the capable hands of our trusted staff.
We have heard that spring has finally arrived in Prince Edward Island. The gardens are coming back to life, the grass is starting to turn green, and buds have appeared on the trees and shrubs. What a magical time. 
The staff are working hard to get the Cafe opened for the season.
As usual, we will be opening for Mother's Day from 11:30 to 4. Reservations can be made via email, customerservice or phone 9029644300.
The restaurant will open for the season a week earlier this year. May 18th we will start breakfast and lunch 9 to 4 daily until further notice. Our evening dining opens to the public on Father's Day.
We do take group reservations anytime.
If you have a family reunion, an anniversary party, company function, or gathering of friends drop us a note and let's see if we can do up a special event for you. This season, we are opening a second restaurant on site as well as a gluten-free bakery. 
And finally, we are wishing the very best to all of the Island's hard-working lobster fishers as they set their traps this weekend.
May your catches be great and your season successful!
Just in case you forget the song or don't know it, here it is. 
With love from Israel! 

Chocolate Cake, Saying Good-Bye and Travelling

Posted on January 27, 2018 by Bruce MacNaughton

Treat yourself! It’s Chocolate Cake Day!

I have some wonderful news to share with you… Saturday was Chocolate Cake Day! That means we are practically required to eat as much chocolate cake as we can. I don’t have many vices, but I do have a hankering for chocolate. There’s nothing like a thick slab of rich chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk… or a hot cup of black tea. Mmm!

Chocolate cake is one occasion where I think you should forget about lightening up the recipe. If you’re going to have chocolate cake, have chocolate cake! That means butter, cream, chocolate, and sugar. There are times and places for healthy substitutions, but, as long as you aren’t on a restricted diet, I say, eat cake!

We have an excellent chocolate cake recipe for you, featuring our Strawberry Grand Marnier preserves. This cake is the one we bake and serve to who have a craving for a decadent chocolate fix: Here is the recipe

Great one to bake for Valentine’s Day!

To make your chocolate cake extra indulgent, you may like to try one of our dessert sauces on top. (Also excellent for dipping strawberries.)

Do you have a story to share about chocolate cake? A cherished memory of baking with someone? A special recipe we should have? A secret ingredient we should know about?

Chocolate cake isn’t all that’s on my mind today. We know many Islanders will be attending some of the events happening this weekend as part of Music PEI Week. Click Here to Read More.  

We are away this weekend for the Toronto Gift Show, looking at what is new in way of teapots, etc. for the shop, so we will miss the music. 

Music PEI is a non-profit member services organization devoted to advancing careers of Island musicians.

I was saddened to hear of John Bil's passing and for those who didn't know John, he was a passionate food guy who loved food, especially seafood as well as helping others achieve their food dreams. He and I had many a chat sitting on the verandah at our shop in New Glasgow. Chris Nutall-Smith, for The Globe and Mail, has written a fitting tribute to a really nice guy who did a lot for Prince Edward Island fishers. He led quite the life. Worth the read. Read it here

Reading about John, his travels and life's journey, it got me thinking and reflecting on the fact we are all travelling in one sense or another. And this quote from Hans Christian Anderson states it well. 

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.”
― Hans Christian Anderson
Wishing you well and a great week ahead. 
With love from Prince Edward Island,