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Geese, Music and Skid Row

Posted on July 07, 2018 by Bruce MacNaughton

The summer has finally heated up here in Prince Edward Island.

This past week we had some heat warning issued by Environment Canada, as temperatures crept up into the 30-degree range.

I am sure some of our US cousins will be surprised to hear that we get warnings at 86 degrees Fahrenheit!

Cavendish made headlines this week, with these troublemakers holding up traffic, take a "gander here". 

A few kilometres from us are thousands of people enjoying the weekend-long Cavendish Beach Music Festival as it is celebrating a 10-year anniversary. This year’s headliner, Luke Bryan, is one of the biggest names in country music today!

I want to personally congratulate the organizers for ten years and for creating one of the premier country music festivals in Canada, if not North America.

Early on my support waned as public intoxication relating to the festival was an issue in the Cavendish area. I was in fear that all the years of hard work fellow tourism operators had put into making Cavendish an inviting and safe community was in danger of being wasted.  

Kudos to all involved for turning those negatives into an opportunity to learn and grow what it is today. 

I hope everyone at the event has a safe and fun experience in this beautiful part of Canada.

It is impressive when people step up, listen, take responsibility, learn from it and proceed to make better decisions every day.

We never really know what it is like to walk in another person's shoes and sit back and judging others is wrong.

I am as guilty of it as the next person, but my heart often reminds me to be more empathetic.

Seeking to move up in life takes grit, perseverance, and courage. Courage grows when en'courage'ment is given.  The human spirit requires it, yet not everyone receives it or gives it. 

After love, I think empathy and forgiveness are some of the most powerful words in the English dictionary, add to those, Thank You, Help, and Ask.

This story from the Island this week reminds me of Love Your Neighbour. Read here. 

Earlier this week I was reading about a mission in Skid Row Los Angeles and having recently visited that city, I was intrigued to dig a little deeper into the story. What I found was a beautiful piece of humanity. I hope you enjoy the video, it may hit you on many levels, just remember love always wins. Be kind to yourself and to others. 

"Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." ~ Leo Busgaglia

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and all the best to you and yours.

With love from Prince Edward Island,


Hummingbird Season is upon us!

Posted on June 10, 2017 by Bruce MacNaughton

I have some wonderful news about Lucy! You may recall, I wrote about this special Island duck a couple of weeks ago and how she returns to the Charlottetown Superstore Garden Centre each year to lay her eggs. (If you missed it, you can read that story here: )

Well, Lucy’s eggs hatched last week, and it was time for this little family to leave the Superstore and head back home. The Charlottetown Police Department gallantly stopped traffic on the busiest road in PEI, so the family could safely cross on its way to a neighbouring pond.

You can read the story and watch the video here:

The police help Lucy every year. It makes us curious about how the police department decides which officer gets the privilege of helping Lucy cross the road. Any ideas?

Speaking of birds, we’re so pleased to welcome the ruby-throated hummingbirds back to Prince Edward Island for the season.

We have feeders hanging around the restaurant and throughout the gardens, both to provide these little birds with an extra source of food and because we just love watching them!

Did you know there are roughly 330 species of hummingbirds in the world? We generally only see about a dozen of those in North America, above Mexico.

It’s so easy to attract hummingbirds. All you need is some sugar, water, and an inexpensive feeder. We use a ratio of 1 part sugar to 3 parts water when we first hang the feeders, and then after more flowers are in bloom for the birds to feed from, we gradually change the ratio to 1:4. There’s no need to put red dye in with this mixture, as the birds are attracted to the colour of the feeder and the red dye may be harmful to our feathered friends. So, save your money and don’t buy that hummingbird food you see in stores. Just make your own.

Do you see hummingbirds where you live? I would love to hear about the varieties of birds that visit your gardens. (And I’m serious about finding out about the Lucy crossing guard duty … in case any Charlottetown police officers are reading this!)

I went to a muscial event last night in Brackley Beach to see the family group Clan Hanigan at the North Atlantic Tionol. What a night of music. The place was packed with traditional music lovers and musicians. 

If you love music, storytelling, and dance, the next two weeks on Prince Edward Island is the place to be! The annual Small Halls Festival has started and I am looking forward to taking in 3 or 4 events. For more info click here:

This Quacks Me Up!

Posted on May 13, 2017 by Bruce MacNaughton
Mother Duck says, “Quack quack quack quack!”
You probably know all about Prince Edward Island’s famous red head (Anne) and our favourite shellfish (lobster). But, did you know that we also have a beloved duck?

Lucy the Duck was the big news story in PEI this week, and it’s quite fitting I share her story on Mother’s Day weekend because this is one devoted mother.

For the eighth year in a row, Lucy has set up house in the Atlantic Superstore’s Garden Centre in Charlottetown.

Every year, just like clockwork, Lucy makes her nest within the plants and lays her eggs. The Superstore staff cordons off the area and provides her with all the food she needs. She bathes in the parking lot puddles, and, after her eggs hatch, the police direct traffic so the family can safely waddle across the road and go to wherever it is that they go after they leave the Garden Centre.

This year, Lucy has a boyfriend with her (but rumour has it he spends most of his time in the nearby McDonald’s parking lot feasting on French fries).

I just love this CBC news story because it is another testament of the wonderful people we have here in Prince Edward Island. Everyone looks forward to Lucy’s return. (You can read more about Lucy and her boyfriend Lucifer here:

Speaking of Moms, our restaurant will be open Mother’s Day from 11:30 to 4.  Here is our Mother’s Day menu. We officially will open for the season on May 26. Hopefully, we will see you this year.

While taking reservations for the restaurant this week, I got thinking about blended families and the roles that stepmoms have in society. While looking through the Globe and Mail today, I read, "On Mother’s Day, stepmoms navigate tricky emotional territory" by Leah MacLaren who shares her perspective here

Wishing Mom's everywhere a wonderful day and one where they feel the love where it may come from.