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Kindness, Why, Why, Why?, Isn't it Obvious

Kindness, Why, Why, Why?, Isn't it Obvious

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island, 

Another glorious day on the Island. (we do need the rain though)

Put the kettle on, hope you have time for tea. Just a quick visit today. 

“The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort, and refinement.” – Arthur Gray

This summer has been a busy one. Every day I witness acts of kindness between total strangers and it does my heart good.

Habitat for Humanity is a well-known organization for their kindness. It is on display again with people coming from all around the world to help build a home for a complete stranger on Lennox Island, Prince Edward Island. Story here

Whether it is a child’s expression of delight when a butterfly lands on their little piece of orange. The donkey running up to them to say hi. The bunnies expressing their timid exuberance & joy in front of the families. Seeing parents being patient is an act of kindness that will do no harm.
"Kind words do not cost much. They never blister the tongue or lips. They make other people good-natured. They also produce their own image on men's souls, and a beautiful image it is." Blaise Pascal, Writer
Kindness starts with us being nice to ourselves. Sure, you screwed up, I screwed up. Everyone screws up at one time or another.
Perfection is unattainable, but excellence is. One thought and one action at a time.
Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. Mark Twain
If we get ourselves to a place where we forgive ourselves and others, we break the chains that bind to hurt and pain. Freedom is attainable.
To move forward accepting empathy as a tool in life’s toolbox goes a long way towards peace of mind.
Empathy—people’s ability to share and understand one another’s emotions—has declined sharply in the 21st century. If it dies out, technology will probably be charged with the murder. The clues are all there: People in countries with a greater Internet penetrance report lower empathy. Simply leaving a phone between two strangers as they talk lessens their resulting trust. The prosecution’s case writes itself: while apparently serving us, technology quietly poisoned the connections that keep us human. Jamil Zaki
Jamil Zaki is an associate professor of psychology at Stanford University and director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Laboratory. He has written an interesting article in the Scientific Amerian journal. The Technology of Kindness - How social media can rebuild our empathy—and why it must.
At their request, tomorrow, I am to speak and share with 50 Buddhists why Shirley and I do what we do.
Why the Gardens of Hope? Why the Respite Cottage? Why and how deal with the stresses of running a hyper-active business?
Looking forward to sharing my Christian perspective with love & kindness. It is only through this worldview have I been able to personally feel the chains of hurt, guilt and shame removed. But it is not technical, it is not strategic it is relational.
We do not exist for ourselves alone, and it is only when we are fully convinced of this fact that we begin to love ourselves properly and thus also love others. Thomas Merton
I hope you enjoy this video. Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.
Nature’s beauty can be fleeting -- but not through Louie Schwartzberg’s lens. His stunning time-lapse photography, accompanied by powerful words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast, serves as a meditation on being grateful for every day.
Thank you for taking the time with me today.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, one where you notice what is good.
With love from Prince Edward Island,
A friend was doing a crossword puzzle...
"What's a 7-letter word for 'easily perceived or understood' that starts with 'O'?"
"Isn't it obvious?"
"It should be, but I can't figure it out. That's why I'm asking."
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Audrey Wilde - August 24, 2019

I love ending my day with your blog. It’s peaceful and spirit filled. Thank You ! Keeping you and those who surround you in our prayers.

God’s Blessings Always Bruce !


Susan Bagatto - August 19, 2019

Thank you for your meaningful words. This video was so moving, I can’t put into words the impact it had. I know I will watch it many times. Thank you. Keep passing along your amazing words of wisdom.
Best Regards

Kay & Mikel Stevenson - August 18, 2019

We both so look forward to your blogs every week. Thank for them…for their content, for
the Spirit that moves you to do this. We are so hoping to be able to return to Prince Edward
Island at least once more in our lifetime. We find it to be such a peaceful, restful environment. Loved visiting and finding gifts at the Preserve Company when we visited in 2016…strolling through the Garden of Hope and learning about the Respite Cottage in 2016 after learning Mikel’s grandfather came from there to Washington (state) Territory back in the day.
However, we have not yet had an opportunity to eat in the restaurant so it is on our bucket list.

We share these blogs with our adult children who have also appreciated them and we hope they will someday be able to visit PEI as well.

With gratitude,
Kay and Mikel Stevenson

MURDOCK MORRISON - August 18, 2019

Hi Bruce – yes kindness, empathy and love are actions that we all need to incorporate into our daily living. Wanted to tell you that we visited with my family the restaurant and it was truly an pleasing experience as we had the bubbly , the fish cakes and other dinner offerings including the tasty and scrumptious desserts. The service was excellent as they provided a constant and pleasant approach to serving us. We loved it and would recommend your dining room experience to others.

Murdock and Connie

Joyce Simpson - August 18, 2019

Oh, Bruce. I think this is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen or heard. Thank you so much for sharing it. The visuals were amazing and the child and old man both spoke right to my heart,
Thank you as always,

Donna McNally - August 18, 2019

Karen McNally Sullivan was my daughter.Three years ago she heard about Gardens of Hope and the cottage. The cottage was fully booked but very soon she heard there was a cancellation and she was able to have a week. She had a group of friends who were with her throughout her journey with cancer. They saw to it that she was never alone very long. Days that she felt up to it she would sit in the butterfly house and always had a story about butterflies, actually, she called them flutterbys, because that is what they do. She was very grateful for that week, she was given.
Karen passed on December 8, 2016. She was 53. She is so missed but I see her in every flutterbs that flutters through the yard and in so many other ways. She had such a zest for life and had returned to school at age 48 and became a nurse.
Thank you Bruce and Shirley for this wonderful service you providd

Grace Haslam - August 17, 2019

May God continue to bless you Bruce (in Jesus name I pray).
The blessings that God bestows on you and Shirley ripple out into our communities and all over lovely Island from you both so elegantly. Please know that your work is appreciated sincerely. Always so proud to share your stupendous vision with visitors !
Thank you both for all you do !

Penelope Smith - August 17, 2019

I love reading your blog. It is uplifting and soothing. Thank you for your words.
I have one of those spindles of wood on my bookcase. It says “always be humble and kind.” That is the name of one of my favorite country and western songs by Tim McGraw entitled the same. Your blog always reminds me of that.

Alexandra Killingbeck - August 17, 2019

Hello Bruce,
Look forward to Saturdays to read your blog. Love it!
Miss the island!!
Work hard, be kind… words to live by.
Alexandra xo

Susan E-J - August 17, 2019

Hi Bruce,
Reading your blog right here on the Island this week! And what an exquisitely beautiful week it has been weather wise, as well as time to recharge depleted batteries while drinking in those views of the PEI shore. Nothing better! Heading home again tomorrow :(
Sorry we missed you on Friday when we dropped by PEI Preserve (but two coaches had just pulled in, so it was very BUSY!) Catch you next time…. meantime, I’ll be placing my on-line order when we get back to Ontario :)
Thanks, as always, for all the wonderful quotes/teachings this week, and Good Luck with your talk tomorrow.

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