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Jessica's Journey, El Nino and Getting Healthy

Jessica's Journey, El Nino and Getting Healthy

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,

We are expecting one pile of rain and wind this weekend, and I hope everyone and everything is battened down.

On the weather front, I was reading this week in the local Guardian that we are to expect many snowstorms thanks to El Nino, this phenomenon occurs when the waters in the Pacific Ocean are warmer than usual. Weather aficionados can read more here.

A big weekend for those who are running to fill seats on a municipal council or mayoral seats on this coming Monday. Wishing all who run for the betterment of our Island community much success. Not all can win, but democracy loses if no one runs. Thank you for putting yourselves out there.

Speaking of winners, one of our seasonal staff members stories brought tears to while reading about her health & wellness journey. I am so proud to know Jessica and her spirit is just to the moon. Read her story here.

On the health & wellness front, I am still researching stories about the flu and whether to vaccine or not. (those of you who wrote and said that I should, thank  you.)

Earlier this year researchers from the University of Toronto published a study after examining over 20,000 patients who had tested positive for the flu. The study concluded risk of heart attacks increases 600 percent within a week of someone infected with influenza. WOW….read more here. (much closer now to getting the shot, which will be my first)

Takin’ Care of Business

We are still working on our Christmas offerings, but if you are inclined to start planning, I will give a heads up. We will be shipping cooked lobsters and fresh oysters within Canada this year. Details will be available soon. We have created a best sellers page as well as daily expanding Taste Prince Edward Island page. If you have any questions please hit reply and I will answer.

Wishing all a healthy weekend!

This week, for background music I was listening to: 

Lost Souls by Loreena McKennitt

A quote I am pondering this week. 

Knowledge is important, but only if we’re being kind and gentle with ourselves as we work to discover who we are. ~ Brene Brown

With Love from Prince Edward Island,



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User: (describes the problem)

Tech: (rattles off computer jargon)

User: "Sorry, I don't understand. Can you explain what I should do as if I were a small child?"

Tech: "Okay... 'Hi, could you please put your mommy on the phone?'"

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Paula Mueda - November 9, 2018

Enjoyed your blog so much – especially the inspiring story of Jessica Dickie and how she was able to reduce her weight by so much! I’m pulling for her to lose the last 70 pounds or so she wants to lose by early 2019! How lucky you are to be having some rain in PEI! It has been so long since we have had ANY rain in northern California, that I admit I have been literally LONGING for it for at least a year! Lastly – I’m going to join the chorus of folks encouraging you to get a flu shot. I firmly believe in getting the vaccination rather than taking the chance on getting the flu and possibly not surviving it. Blessings to you, and keep up the good blogging!

Terry Jones - November 9, 2018

Regarding your inquiry about getting a flu shot, I applaud you for taking responsibility for your wellness by exploring the options and understanding the risk/benefits of every intervention affecting your life. Since most comments have been one sided, you might want to look at another side and I offer some links: or
Doctor Gifford Jones had an item in the Guardian on Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018 (page C1) that you would find interesting. If you want a copy, send me your address and I will send it. Readers asked him if he gets the flu shot.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. As you probably already know, the vaccine issue is a very sensitive one and polarizing, so you might want to think twice before revealing your decision publicly. It is way more complicated than most people realize. Regards, Terry

Jean - November 9, 2018

I would like to send words of encouragement to Jessica. Very brave lady to share her experience with the world. Wishing her all the best for her future endeavors.

Deloris Baker - November 6, 2018

Dear Bruce, Please get your flu shoot. Not only for wonderful you but others like my 90 year old mom we could lose in just a few days she becomes ill from the flu. And my 42 year old son, a kidney transplant patient, who must take anti-rejection medications daily which weaken his immune system. And his 14 year old son, who could lose easily lose his dad to the flu My mom is very healthy for her age but could be felled by the flu within just a few days. People easily check the organ donor box when applying for a driver’s license or happily roll up their sleeves to donate blood knowing they can save lives but don’t realize they are risking those same lives by not getting flu shots or other appropriate vaccinations.

Thank you for your lovely blog.


Cindy - November 6, 2018

Thank you for Jessica’s story. I am now following her on Instagram. What an inspiration!

Jennifer - November 6, 2018

I would advise against getting the flu shot. The adverse side effects and the long range effects are not worth the risk! They are only guessing which strain of flu anyway! But up natural immunities to keep healthy!

MURDOCK MORRISON - November 3, 2018

Hi Bruce – and yes get your flu shot regardless of what some anti-fluers say ( spelling doesn’t matter ). All of your story links were great and gives one a lot to think about but isn’t that what you are trying to get us to do – let’s hope that the snowstorms are less than more- In the Chronicle Herald yesterday there was a wonderful story of Audrey Parker who chose to have her life end with an Assisted Dying procedure and please read it as it was a heartfelt message that we all should consider- Murdock

Angela Canales - November 3, 2018

Bruce my husband Angel and I got our first flu shot today. We were nervous,but our doctor gave us good advice and we took it.We are both 63 and we thought it was time. We feel whatever protection we can get is worth it .Also we feel we would be helping the public good in a small way. Love your blogs and look forward to them every weekend!

Charlene Cain - November 3, 2018

Please do get a flu shot. While primarily, people tend to get a flu shot for themselves, another reason should also be considered. Anyone who is immunosuppressed is in great danger, being in the presence of those who don’t take all precautions to reduce the risk of being a “human disease carrier.” Such people (unknowingly) can bring viruses to the immunosuppressed they meet/visit, and not even be aware they are carrying a virus, yet- put others at risk. Particularly, anyone who works with the public should consider taking this precaution! As a teacher, I do it in hopes of protecting myself, yes- but also as I have a number of children I work with who will be at higher risk than most if I were to pass on a virus (chemo patient, respiratory patient, and transplant patient to name a few.) I’m certain you run into all sorts of people, regularly, who do not have the health to fight off something a simple handshake may bring to them. Thank you for considering a flu shot. Yes, you may have a sore arm for a day (maybe two.) Otherwise- you will notice nothing (unless you were already incubating something for the 4-8 days before you got your shot (in which case, your shot will not be active enough to help you with, as it takes several weeks for you full immunity to grow, after the shot.) This is also a very good reason to get your shot earlier, rather than later!

Ed - November 3, 2018

Another vote to get the flu shot. I get it every year and have not gotten the flu since I started getting it. We spend the Winter in Florida and last a neighbor came down with the flu. She had NOT gotten the shot and was laid up in bed for nearly a week…. It took several more weeks to recover and gain back the strength.

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