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24 Days of Tea Sampler

24 Days of Tea Sampler
$49.95 CAD
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Happy Valentine's Day Tea Lovers! 

This Tea Gift Box features a large assortment of our Best Selling High Quality Loose Leaf Teas: 

This set includes approximately 3 tsp. per flavour for the following teas;
Black Tea - Cavendish Sunset, Victoria Garden, Creamy Earl Grey and Dalvay Breeze, Creamy Chocolate, Tea Hill Strawberry, Caramel Toffee, Organic PEI Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, China Keemun.

Green Tea - Sencha Mango Marzipan and Sencha Sakura Cherry, China Jasmine with Flowers, Japanese Green Berry, Green Chamomile with Lemon & Honey,

Herbal Tea - Organic Peppermint, Rooibos Bourbon Vanilla, Tropical Fruit, Flower Dance, Organic End of Day, Summer Meadow, Mango Lemon, Rooibos Red Chai.

Oolong Tea - Ti Kuan Yin

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