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Cinnamon Spiced Sticky Buns

Cinnamon Spiced Sticky Buns



10 rolls

When it comes to sticky buns, these are a cut above the rest. They have everything you love about the classic cinnamon roll, combined with the sweet and nuttiness of a stick bun. Using our Pure Infused Maple Syrup, Nutmeg, and Cloves these pillowy treats will be gone before they even have time to cool down.

1 cup milk, warm
¼ cup unsalted butter, melted
¼ cup white sugar
½ tsp salt
2 ¼ tsp instant yeast (1 package of yeast)
3 ¼ cup flour
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla

1 ½ cup chopped pecans, divided
¼ cup melted butter
¾ cup brown sugar
1 ½ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp cloves
¼ tsp nutmeg

¾ cup unsalted butter
1 tsp salt
1 ½ cup brown sugar
½ cup Pure Infused Maple Syrup with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Cloves
½ cup heavy cream

- In the bowl of a stand mixer, or in a bowl with a wooden spoon, combine the warm milk, melted butter, sugar, salt, egg, and vanilla. Then add in the flour and yeast and stir together. Once semi-combined, add your dough hook onto the stand mixer and knead for 5-7 minutes. If you find the dough to be too dry, add in 1 tsp of milk at a time until it comes together. The same goes if the dough seems a little too wet, just add 1 tsp of flour at a time. If you are making these by hand, stir with a wooden spoon until semi-combined, then turn out the dough onto a lightly floured surface, and knead by hand.

- Once dough is kneaded, place in a greased mixing bowl and set aside in a warm place 1 hour, or until dough has risen.

- While dough is rising make the caramel sauce. In a saucepan heat up the butter until melted. Add in the brown sugar and salt and bring to a slow boil. You want to melt the brown sugar in the butter. Once melted and thickened slightly, remove from heat, and add in the Pure infused maple syrup and heavy cream. Stir until combined and set aside to cool down to room temperature.

- For the filling stir together the brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

- Divide the caramel in half and pour in the bottom of 2 round 8-inch pans. Sprinkle ¾ cup of the
chopped pecans on top of the caramel. Set aside.

- Once dough has risen, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface. Roll out into a rectangle approximately 12-inch by 16-inch. It does not have to be exact, just make sure the dough is
about ¼ inch thick and evenly rolled out.

- Brush the melted butter all over the dough right to the edges. Sprinkle the brown sugar all over the dough and smooth with your hands to make sure it is even. Sprinkle ¾ cup of the chopped pecans over the brown sugar. Roll up the dough gently starting with the long end closest to you.
Pinch the dough to seal the edges. Using a serrated knife cut the dough into 10 even pieces.

- Place 5 rolls in each pan on top of the caramel. Cover each pan with plastic wrap and let rise again for 15-20 mins. Preheat oven to 400°

- Bake rolls for 30-35 minutes, or until nice and golden brown on the top. Remove rolls from the oven and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Once slightly cooled, place a serving plate/cake plate on top of one of the pans. Holding the plate and the pan together, gently flip the pan so it is on the top and the plate is on the bottom. Gently remove the pan from the top. If there is any remaining caramel in the pans, scrape out and pour over the sticky buns. These are delicious served warm, but they can also be eaten at room temperature. Store in a sealed container for up to 3 days.

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Susan - February 24, 2022
Made these Cinnamon Buns yesterday! I felt the need for a comfort food here in Alberta with the temperature hovering at -33 and these definitely were the fix!! They are so delicious and the Cloves and Nutmeg were the perfect spice!❤️ This recipe is a keeper!!
Mary - February 18, 2022

Sound delicious. Love to try this recipe. Thanks, Mary

Jack & Lillian Paul - February 17, 2022

I am going to try these using gluten free flour… they look delicious.

Joyce Gaudette - April 11, 2021

Excellent recipe!! Loved these decadent buns. Just a note of caution…. use a deep pan for baking or you will have a mess in your oven (don’t ask how I know!).

Paula Mueda - March 24, 2021

Thanks for the Cinnamon Sticky Buns recipe!

Marlene Boakes - March 24, 2021

The recipe for the Cinnamon Spiced Sticky buns sound great…I will have to make them for Easter. Thanks a bunch. Have a great day.

Jan - March 24, 2021

These look very decadent and i don’t think they would be around for three days in our house. These will make a good Easter brunch treat

Heather - March 24, 2021

Thank You!! On my list of recipes to try this week!! 💗

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