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Where Were You? + G.I.F.T. + What's My Line?

Where Were You? + G.I.F.T. + What's My Line?

Good Morning from Warren Grove, Prince Edward Island

Today is September 11, 2021

Twenty years since that day. Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news.
In my case, I was at work.
“Work and play are words used to describe the same thing
under differing conditions.” ~ Mark Twain
A tour group arrived within minutes of me hearing the news. Everyone on the motorcoach was from New York City. I met the tour director outside of the coach. I wanted to know if the passengers were aware. They were not.
Knowing this added a bit of anxiousness to my greeting.
The tour director told me she would share the news with them on the way back to the hotel.
The Charlottetown Hotel manager called the tour director to let her know a conference room with large televisions was ready for them.
Their itinerary was now shortened.
A few days later, President Bush requested a 3 minute moment of silence.
We obliged and invited everyone in our building to join us for a time of respect.
Every staff and guest in the building came into our dining room, and we all stood in unison in silence.
9:46 Atlantic Standard Time 

I closed in prayer.
I remember it like yesterday.
We can make an active effort to practice forgiveness, especially to those who might have caused those inner-child wounds we have worked to heal. We can see understanding with those we disagree with. Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner. To understand all is to forgive all. To love all is to be at peace with all, including yourself. ~ Ryan Holiday
At time it is very hard to remember this, but life is a G.I.F.T. the recognition of the blessings in your life. To practice gratitude is proven to increase you health and well being.
Interrupt anxiety with gratitude. ~ Danielle LaPorte
Integrity requires intention. To know why and what you value and live within those values.
“Honesty is making your words conform to reality. Integrity making reality conform to your words.” ~ Stephen Covey
Forgiveness. The most important element needed to establish peace within yourself and the world around you.
The forgiveness of others is nice to have, but it means nothing if
you cannot forgive yourself. ~Paul Ferrini
There is no love without forgiveness,
and there is no forgiveness without love. ~ Brynt H. McGill
Trust. Just knowing that it will be ok. I need to stop trying to make sense of it all from a human perspective. Let it go. Keep the Faith.
”To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.
Instead you relax, and float.” ~ Alan Watts
Today I have been listening through my headphones and writing to Patina by Peter Gregson. It has been an interesting mood altering writing experience.
From the Apple Music site. It’s beneath the surface that we often discover real beauty. Strip away melody, and the underlying sounds and textures become the story. Cellist and composer Peter Gregson brings us up-close to music’s inner truth: the delicate sounds of bow meeting string (“Patina”) and fingers on keyboard (“Sense”); the complex, woody overtones of a solo cello (“Don’t Wake”)—all of which we often ignore. This is an album of textures—human, acoustic, and digital—and almost formless soundscapes that envelop the listener, their imperfections inviting an atmosphere of peace and calm, comfort and reassurance. In “Sequence (Seven),” Gregson blends electronica and strings to mesmerizing effect, while his soaring, close-mic’d cello lends “Over” a gorgeous, raw beauty.
Our stillness depends on our ability to slow down and choose not to be angry, to run on different fuel. Fuel that helps us win and build, and doesn’t hurt other people, our cause, or our chance at peace. ~ Ryan Holiday
Life on some fronts is showing a few signs of normalcy. We have four tour groups come by this week. The most we had ever seen was 20 years ago (863) and before covid it climbed back to the mid six hundreds.
The last two weeks have been very busy. A lot of staff heading back to school has left us ‘old timers’ to do our best at keeping our standards. It has been tough some days, but the crew have been real champs under the pressure. Loves ya. Thank you.
Wishing everyone a nice weekend.
Thank you for your time with me today, and thank you to those who comment on my writing. It gives encouragement. 
May joy be a real friend and not only an acquaintance all weekend.
With love from Prince Edward Island.
Bruce + Millie
Your Morning Smile
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Gwen Gaudet - September 11, 2021

Hi Bruce, we didn’t get over to visit this year. Sounds like things are going well. Your blogs are always interesting and I listened to the music, enjoyed it. Thanks

Jennifer - September 11, 2021

Yes, twenty years and that next Sunday people flocked to churches.
I read a book about the wonderful people in Newfoundland who took in people stranded due to the order that all planes be downed. Thankful for our Canadian neighbors.
True peace can only come from The Prince of Peace, Jesus.
Thanks for your writing.

murdock morrison - September 11, 2021

Yes it is a time to remember that sad day in our lives as we too were in PEI and saw it all unfold with horror and an almost unbelief that human beings in this world would want to hurt and kill other human beings in such a terrible way. Your GIFT is a wonderful thought that brings all four feelings into focus and helps to heel those who are hurting today especially those affected by the September 11th disaster. Enjoyed your You Tube What’s My Line by Dali- Murdock

Julie MacKenzie - September 11, 2021

I enjoyed listening to the music selection & watching the clip from “What’s My Line?” Thanks for sharing your blog with us Bruce. I look forward to it every weekend. Have a great day! :)

Anne Gillis - September 11, 2021

Always a smile comes across my face when I read your blog. Always an invitation to reflect….

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