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What is in Iceland's Drinking Water? + No End to the Adventures + Scaling the Himalayas

What is in Iceland's Drinking Water? + No End to the Adventures + Scaling the Himalayas

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,
Fauci says Canada isn't mishandling the pandemic's third wave. 
Do you have time for a cuppa? Great. It might be another two cuppa visit.
Thank you to all who take the time to comment on the blog each week.
Big ghost hug to last week’s commentators. Alana, Alejandro Susan, Kathleen, Deborah, Peggy, Susan, Julie, Allison, Lynn, Pam, Susan E-J, Althea, Zyna, Kay, Gillian, Sue, Stephanie, Sharon, Michelle, Kevin, Victoria, Cynthia.
Last weeks blog touched on the power of music in our lives.
On Saturday mornings, when preparing the blog, I tend to listen to piano music while writing.
What struck me today was a lot of musical artists I enjoy listening to are from Iceland. 
Today’s thread is Iceland.
I started research whether I was the only one noticing the creative forces coming from the tiny island of 369,000 people. I found out others have seen as well. Moreover, there were lots of interesting articles about this phenomenon.
When I have travelled, I have fond memories of people who lived on Islands. There is something special about Islanders globally.
Everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world. ~ Guy Gavriel Kay
On Prince Edward Island is The Institute of Island Studies; a research, education, and public policy institute. Based out of the University of Prince Edward Island. The Institute’s work focuses on the culture, environment, and economy of small islands.
"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.
Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land.
There is no other land; there is no other life but this." ~ Henry David Thoreau
Article: Something in the water: what makes Icelandic music so creative? By Tony Clayton-Lea of The Irish Times. Story here.
"In some countries, people knock you down as soon as you try to stand out. In Iceland, it is the reverse. The Icelandic community is so small,” adds Arnalds, “that we have to work with each other.” Singer and songwriter Jófríður Ákadóttir aka JFDR agrees with Arnalds. Chatting before rehearsing new material with the Reykjavik Chamber Orchestra, she allows that because there are so many accomplished musicians in Iceland, there is less rivalry. “I don’t think music thrives very well when there is a lot of competition,” she remarks. “Ireland and Iceland are generally very supportive to musicians, but you have to be resourceful as well because there aren’t that many people here.”
I first discovered Ólafur Arnalds listening to The Chopin Project.
If you have time to watch this, it is a beautiful opportunity to get a sense of his creativity and the beauty of his music. Lay back and listen to Ólafur Arnalds - Live at Sydney Opera House.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato.

Why tiny Iceland is a global giant in the field of music by CBC Radio. Story here.
From the article, “according to Kjartan Olafsson, the chair of the Society of Icelandic Composers and a professor of music composition and theory at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Iceland's musical community is profoundly influenced by the forces of the natural world.
Artists are travelling worldwide and getting influenced by different cultures and merging those influences with their musical creation. - Kjartan Olafsson , professor.
"We are very close to nature," Olafsson told The Sunday Edition's host Michael Enright.
"We are living very close to active volcanoes and earthquakes — I think it's about 300 earthquakes a day here in Iceland, so we are very close to it. Especially in the early days — the middle of the last century — artists and composers like Jon Leifs were very concerned with nature. And I think nature is affecting music today."
A few blogs back, I shared the wonderful music of pianist Vikingur Olafsson.
This morning, I have been listening to Anneke van Giersbergen & Arstioir. Their version of Londonderry Air (Danny Boy) is so beautifully done. Sample Listen Here.
“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have
if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru
I am not sure my perspective is different from others, but as an adopted person I feel life is a gift. Family, friends, flowers, food, art, music and nature are all gifts. 

A few weeks back, I watched The Silent Child. This 20-minute video moved me. So well done. Bonus: it won Best Short Film at the Oscars this week.

Our senses are gifts, and I feel blessed to have the gift of hearing. 
Shirley and I agreed that our first vacation out of the country would be to Iceland. Not sure when that will happen, but it will.
I have an idea. Why don’t we all go together today?



May joy be your constant companion this weekend and more than an acquaintance next week.

With love from Prince Edward Island,
Bruce + Millie
ps. Your Morning Smile
I built a model of Mount Everest.
My son asked, “Is it to scale?”
I replied, “No... it’s to look at.”
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Julie Martin - May 4, 2021

I just wanted to thank you for your blog, particularly for the pictures of the island. We have been coming to PEI every year since 1989, and as of 3 years ago, own a little cottage near to you. It has been heartbreaking to not be able to return, and looking that way again this summer. But your blog keeps us linked to the island, as do our friends still there. Here’s hoping everyone finds their way to a safe, healthy re-opening. We miss our island friends so much! Thanks for the updates and hope. Take a walk on that beautiful red sand for us!

Patricia Stewart - May 2, 2021

Thank you for the links – I plan to access them from time to time during the week when I need a break. Your readers may be interested in the very funny Icelandic Comedian Ari Eldjárn. Netflix is currently streaming his show “Pardon My Icelandic”. Laughing for an entire hour clears all of the cobwebs out of one’s soul.

Julie MacKenzie - May 2, 2021

I loved watching “The Silent Child”…but, it literally broke my heart watching it. As a parent, I can’t even imagine not getting the best help for my child. The parents in that short film were more worried about themselves & “how it looked”, than getting & giving their child the tools they needed for their future. I really hope this doesn’t reflect what happens in the “real world”. It gutted me. The Iceland video was breath-takingly beautiful. It is also on my bucket list to visit. The music videos are always enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your blog. I look forward to it every weekend with my cup of coffee. Keep on…keeping on. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Charlene Joan Cain - May 1, 2021

As a teacher (recently retired, but a failure as I now tutor,) The Silent Child broke my heart! I do hope that isn’t the reality for deaf children today. Those were clearly well-educated, modern people. I can’t believe they would wait until just before starting school to have language interventions. I’m angry, shocked and so terribly hurt for any child living that life! Thank you for sharing the video. It was indeed “terribly” well done!

Kay Schuld - May 1, 2021

Thank you for the tour of Iceland-beautiful! Also the clip of “The Silent Child”-touched my heart.

Cynthia - May 1, 2021

My friend was right about Iceland. Breathtaking.Thank you for this today Bruce.
Years ago, I learned some sign language.Having a disability helped me to help and understand those that communicated with a ‘silent’ language that spoke volumes. Before, I would be very upset that I couldn’t help if they needed me to be there for them. The Silent Child speaks to the hearts that listen.
The glory and blessing of music and the piano.Favourites abound.
Saturday’s are a blessing with the treasure’s in your blog.

Susan Mayo - May 1, 2021

I admit, I looked at the videos, partially, thinking I will come back to them, but, truly, I was riveted to the The Silent Child. It was beautifully done, and I can see why it won for best short story. Now, I want to see a full feature of this film! I also would like to have seen closed captioning when signing took place. The only words I understood, and knew were, I LOVE YOU. I have always been drawn to sigh language, and immediately, looked it up on the internet. I just might look into taking an ASL class. And, really, I want to know how the story ends! Beautiful blog, Bruce. I’m coming back to the rest of the videos and another round with The Silent Child. Bless you for sharing this and other thoughts and ideas with us. You are a rare blessing! hugs!

Melanie Taormina - May 1, 2021

Another creative product of Iceland is the atmospheric mystery series Trapped. Global mystery series have been a mainstay for my husband and me during the pandemic. We’ve discovered several excellent productions, including Trapped, which is set in a remote area of the country, a fact that features highly in the plot of the first season. Thanks for helping us tune in to the wealth of life’s gifts and treasures, Bruce!

Philip Stephen Britton - May 1, 2021

Oalfur Arnalds was the icing on your cake today. The thought on islands and music were provoking in light of the current world situations. But then to spent an hour listening to a musician I had never heard of, sharing his stories and music on a Saturday morning with other plans gave me a refreshing look at priorities. So thankful for your Saturday Blog, the challenge to take the time and trust to let you take me on your journey of thought do not always end up at the same place. Challenges are presented that make me think and become creative; that life is real; it is your to make it what you what especially when I place the blank walls that come at times in Gods hands. To accept the gifts I have an to use them properly is to me the Island way!

Valarie LaBore - May 1, 2021

The video of Iceland is just amazing! I expected mainly ice. And the background music. I’ve been just letting that play in my background while I’m doing other things. I’ve shared this with my friends.

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