Happy Canada Day Weekend!

This weekend, Canada Day celebrations will be happening all over the country, including here in Prince Edward Island. Once again, our long-time team member Judy Clark has decorated our building in red and white to show our love of country! Shirley and I hope to go out for dinner with friends before going to watch the fireworks.

Warm long weekend wishes to all of our Canadian friends, and to our American readers who celebrate Independence Day this week, we hope you all have an enjoyable and safe holiday as well.

I wanted to share some fun Canadian trivia with you and this article gave me a great chuckle!

After you read it, I’d love to hear which of the facts you find most interesting!:

Click here for the trivia.

This week, the peonies are finally starting to bloom, enjoy this beauty. 

I met some wonderful people in the garden this week, but one couple stood out for me. They shared a bit of their harrowing story to escape Iran and come to Canada. Leaving Iran under clandestine circumstances thirty years ago, they lost everything, arrived in Canada with 100 dollars and permission from the government to stay to build a new life. They were both in tears sharing their appreciation and love for Canada while telling me their story. They now have a company with nine employees. I have other friends from Iran who lost everything including their company employing 350 people at the time of the Revolution, moved to Canada with nothing and started again. They now have giftware warehouses in several cities in North America. Their passion and resilience are inspiring to me. 

We have so much to be grateful for in this country, it is not perfect, nor is anywhere else. But we are safe, a Charter of Rights unmatched anywhere in the world and a beautiful country built of and out of rugged natural beauty. 

I read an interesting article about saying Thank You. I think you might appreciate it. Read here. 

A little update on our hours for Canada Day. We will be open from 9-4. We have made it a tradition that retail and restaurant staff get off early enough to enjoy the evening with family and friends. The Butterfly House will open today for the season, a week later than planned. The butterfly pupae from Costa Rica experienced a delay with customs, it may have been their little passports were too hard to read. LOL 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend. 

With love from Prince Edward Island,