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Stiches of Love

Stiches of Love

I was reading this morning about Quilt Canada’s Big Quilt Bee and their efforts to donate 1,000 quilts to Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada.

For anyone unfamiliar with Ronald McDonald House (RMH), these special homes are located near children’s hospitals, providing a low-cost place for family members to stay while children are hospitalized (thanks to charitable donations, RMH costs an average of $12 per night).

This Quilting Bee was launched by Quilt Canada as a special Canada 150 project. Each of the quilts must incorporate Canada 150 fabrics.

O’Leary PEI’s Northern Lights Quilt Guild has been participating in the Bee and the group of prolific quilters has donated 36 quilts for the project, which will be headed to RMH Halifax.

I believe there’s a special healing power in a handmade quilt as they’re stitched with so much love. I’m sure these quilt donations will be a welcome gift to Ronald McDonald Houses.

We have handmade quilts in our respite cottage at the Preserve Company for the same reason. The quilts were made by Karen Murray and her quilting club, and we have a quilt that was made by a Kentucky visitor as well. And anyone who has joined us for a meal at The Preserve Co. may have noticed the beautiful quilts we have adorning the ceiling of the dining room. 

We are working with local quilters to replace some of the quilts in our dining room as well for 2018.  

Do you have a special story about a quilt in your life? I would love to hear about it!

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Nancy Penny - June 30, 2017

A message on a quilt square brought fresh hope and courage to me at a time when I really needed it. My husband was a patient in palliative care (Edmonton), and I was staying with him. I was extremely tired and prayed that God would strengthen me. One evening I went into the laundry room. One wall was lined with shelves of extra bedding. A homemade quilt had been folded hastily and was hanging off the shelf. I took it down. On a corner square was a verse from the Bible that came as a personal message that God would continue with us:
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)
It was the encouragement I needed. I later wrote to the quilters whose names were on another square. They were pleased to know their work of love had blessed someone.

Anita Diemand - June 25, 2017

My grandson at the age of 7 was in the hospital for a whole month last summer. The only thing he ever asked for was his family members. Now we give regularly to R MH because we believe so much in their mission. Jamie is better now.

Lillian Silliker - June 25, 2017

I love homemade quilts so much . I have not made one in a long time, but I have made a few in the past…I think they add a warmth to any room…hats off to those who make them for the Ronald MacDonald Houses.On Fri. past we have a 12yr. old boy in our immediate family diagnosed with cancer, they will be using this facility in the weeks to come.Anything to make these rooms more inviting is an asset for sure.Good luck with replacing the ones in your dining area…looking forward to a visit soon

Brenda Macleod Raham - June 24, 2017

Have completed second Quilt of Valour. These quilts are Hugs from Canada to Canadian Veterans .

LaNette - June 24, 2017

My aunt is into her 80’s and has made some beautiful quilts in her days. I am a lucky owner of a beautiful quilt I have on my bed and 2 smaller ones that I use as throws. Beautiful works of art.

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