Good Morning, 

Here we are at the tail end of week 16, 2017 and there is still quite a chill in the air on the Island, heavy frost this morning, but as I write this, the sun is rising and shining, so there are no complaints, only gratitude as I get to greet a new day!

Lots of changes happening between seasons and one I have noticed is that our bird feeders are not emptying as quickly.  It must be a treat for our fine feathered friends to find fresh grub from the springs offerings. 

I have been seeing trucks going by, hauling loads of lobster traps to the wharf. The fishers are preparing for the fishing season and the thrill of the first day is just around calendar's corner. 

There are many on the Island who look forward to the first lobster feed of the year. Are you one?

A common Island tradition for families is to enjoy the first lobster feed of the season on Mother’s Day weekend. Those traditions have been kept alive and well by our business neighbour, The New Glasgow Lobster Suppers as they always start the season off with a Mother's Day celebratory dinner.  

Do you have a lobster tradition, would love to hear about it? 

Speaking of Mother’s Day, our restaurant will be open from 11:30 to 4. We are in the final stages of our menu planning and will post our Mother's Day menu this week and this year's full menu sometime by mid - May.

We open officially for the season on May 26th for the season. 

If you like movies, Maudie is fantastic. The acting performances by Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke should be automatic nominations for Oscars. It was the only movie in a long time, where the movie goers clapped, and everyone stayed until the last credit. The music was hauntingly beautiful.  If you are not aware of her story, click here

It is an exciting time of year and lots to be grateful for. 

Have a wonderful week!