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Snowbird, Changes are Good, Being Grateful for Five Senses

Snowbird, Changes are Good, Being Grateful for Five Senses

It’s the end of Old Home Week, and tonight is the big Gold Cup and Saucer, an Island tradition and well-honoured harness racing event. Hopefully, the forecast of rain will suspend during the race and safety will reign for all

Many Islanders will tell you that summer is over when Old Home Week comes to an end, and funny enough, the temperatures have dropped considerably in the last couple of days, but we have lots of summer days left. 

September in Prince Edward Island is pure poetry, I must admit I appreciate the cooler air temperature, and I think if asked to choose a favourite month, this would be it.

Love the seasons!

A new season in this man's life is beginning, Samer Jokhdar, a refugee from Syria dreams of opening his ice cream parlour in Halifax.

People who have been knocked down and got back up to continue working hard to move from one life plateau to another should be honoured. Those who continue to add value to the world by putting something good into the world will be rewarded in so many ways.

Self-respect is perhaps the greatest benefit. 

My hopes and prayers are that a woodworker will come alongside this man and lathe a paddle and reward him with what he needs.

"In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us." Flora Edwards 

Here is his story. I have tasted more than my fair share of ice cream, and I look forward to experiencing, Samer's. READ HERE.

I am grateful for the gift of taste.

As I write, Canada Geese are blowing their trumpets while I am listening to sounds of the immortal Bach being celebrated through YoYoMa’s talent and his new album, Six Evolutions - Bach: Cello Suites. 

I am grateful for the gift of hearing. 

Curiously this gives thoughts of challenging myself to think of each of my five senses over the next few days and take each one on a journey and discovery. Hope to write it down.  

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly." Henri Bergson

I wish to be more intentional about ensuring that I am aware of my senses and bringing them present to the moment. There is so much to seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled. I have been taking these gifts for granted way too long. You?

This week Shirey and I were fortunate to take in the Catherine MacLennan live show If It’s Alright With You - The Songs of Gene MacLellan: Catherine’s legacy project covering songs of her late father, the legendary Gene MacLellan. What a beautiful legacy shared. Thank you, Catherine and Chris, and band.

This story tells of her life journey all the while sharing her music and desire to have open conversations about mental health. Bless you, Catherine. 

Here she sings perhaps one of his most recognizable songs, Songbird. This rendition is made beautiful with her angelic voice and back up from the talented musician, Chris Gauthier.


In closing, I am now enjoying a cup of Darjeeling tea and listening to the steady jazz sound pattern of raindrops falling on the roof and appreciating what they are doing for ears and gardens as well. 

We receive many comments from our mail order customers every week, and this has to be my favourite this week. 

"Personnel touches by people who help us with our shopping and mailing and reception of the dining room personnel was just so special that we returned three times for our lunches. Thanks to all of them. And of course, we did recommend your establishment to friends and family." Rolande P. 

Have a wonderful week ahead and thank you for your time reading my rambles today. 

YoYoMa's New Album, sample LISTEN HERE

With love from Prince Edward Island! 


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Zoe - August 19, 2018

Bruce, your blogs always make me smile and wish to to journey back to PEI from Texas, very soon!

Ginger Andrews - August 19, 2018

With Love and gratitude …..thx for sharing yr heart ……wisdom……inspiration…..and most of all love with us Bruce
Xoxos Ginger

Ginger Andrews - August 19, 2018

Bruce !! Just a warm hearted gratitude for u being u and sharing yrself with us thro yr blog… ……wise… for thot……inspiring

Linda Hiltz - August 19, 2018

Just finished reading your blog for this week. I find your words of wisdom so inspirational. I agree with you, September is one of my favourite months. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Robin A Petty - August 18, 2018

Love reading your blogs every Saturday, especially the Musical notes ;-) I searched “Rainy Day” on Apple Music this morning when I went to work, and spent the next few hours listening to some appropriate Jazz Music! I will add the new Yo-Yo Ma (one of my favourites) to my phone this evening when I go back to work!
I shared the Ice Cream dreams CBC post to the KARSI (Kensington Syrian Sponsorship group) facebook page. Someone just might know someone that can make this Man his paddle!

Linda Tuttle - August 18, 2018

Thank you for sharing the music of Catherine MacLellan with me in San Diego. I have fond memories of PEI and your restaurant. Didn’t have time to walk through the garden, had to continue my tour before going back to the cruise ship!! Wishing good luck to the new ice cream shop !!

Vicki - August 18, 2018

Also I may know someone who can help with the pestle. Working on it.

Vicki - August 18, 2018

Hey Bruce I read your posts pretty faithfully now and want to say ‘thank you’ for sharing your gifts of the written language with us. Something for me to be grateful for.
Great breakfast once again this morning. Will be taking the girls when they get home at the end of August, commonly known as the end of summer on PEI. But not for me! September is my birth month and has a pace and beauty I appreciate more with each year I tick off the calendar of my life.
All the best

Margaret Gordon - August 18, 2018

Hello from Ontario.
I was just thinking – Samer’s ice cream would be a lovely fit with your beautiful restaurant. I know it is sesonal but it would be a start.

Dale Harman - August 18, 2018

I enjoy your blogs Bruce. I love the cello and jazz music on a rainy day.

We bring all of our guests to the Preserve Company. Yesterday was no exception. Sherrilyn and I enjoyed a wonderful meal with my nephew and his family. They loved the food and the wonderful place that you and Shirley have created.

I just included some food and garden pictures in the gallery on a new website We have to help keep our favoutite restaurant going.

Dale Harman

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