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Salad Elevation, Cast Iron Roast Chicken, and a 106 year olds first selfie!

Elevate your salad plate!

Thank you for this lovely photography taken in the Gardens of Hope, by Katherine McLaine.

I’ve been making an effort to get more vegetables into my diet over the years, and one of the ways I do this is by including greens in all of my daily meals. I personally love a big Greek salad with cherry tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Or a mixed green salad with a splash of our Garlic Mango dressing.

It doesn’t take much to liven up a salad. You might add some protein like shrimp, or chicken. Some crunch with a handful of almonds or walnuts, something sweet like a sprinkling of cranberries or raspberries.

Perhaps you’d like to create a Mexican salad topped with ground beef, corn chips, salsa, and avocado. Or a Cobb salad with bacon, boiled eggs, turkey, cheese, and tomatoes… or whatever other toppings you might enjoy.

There’s no need for a salad to be boring!

We have a number of products that will dress up your salads so that you may even go for seconds.

Our bottled dressing and salad splashes from The Garlic Box are quite popular, view here.

And we have some customers who blend our fruit syrups and fruit vinegar to make their very own salad dressings. View Here.

What is your favourite salad to make?

Weekend reading, two articles that I thought might be of interest. 

Cast-Iron Roast Chicken with Crispy Potatoes Recipe....we are going to give this a try this week. Let me know if you do as well. 

A resilient 106 year old from Halifax, Nova Scotia takes her first selfie. Interesting read of a life well lived. Read here

In life, the greedy will be spiritually poor, while the generous will have a rich life whether they are wealthy or not. ~ Tim Keller

The need within all our communities for those financially less fortunate than ourselves is great wherever we live. When the heart aches, the soul creaks. Here is one local family that could use a hand. Take a read

Wishing you and yours a wonderful week ahead. 

With Love, 



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Nan C - October 8, 2017

I do love how you showcase people’s photos! I am going to visit there someday. And, of course, your shop is on the list of places to visit! (And shop)

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