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Really, Can They Do That? + Bless Them for Making Children Laugh + Where Are We  Going Today?

Really, Can They Do That? + Bless Them for Making Children Laugh + Where Are We Going Today?

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,
I trust and hope everyone had a good week.
Time for a cuppa today? Great….put the kettle on.
I read this Tea-Biz article earlier in February, and I found it to be a bit mindblowing.
The Indian railways are the largest rail network in Asia. Every day 12,617 trains run along the length and breadth of the country, covering 7,172 stations. On a typical, non-Covid day, the trains would ferry 23 million passengers.

In early December, the Indian Railways announced that they would replace plastic cups with terra cotta cups. All in effort to reduce single-use plastic. The project is being launched at 400 railway stations to start. If it goes well, it has the potential to put 2 million local potters to work. Each rider on the train uses at least one plastic cup per trip.

This idea could save the manufacture, use, and waste of 23 million plastic cups a DAY!

I wrote last week that I began reading Bill Gates’s book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. I find it to be an educational read and worth the time. 

Whether one believes in climate change or not, 97% of the world’s scientists agree climate change is real.

Do You Know?

What a greenhouse gas is? Answer.
What some climate change indicators are? Answer
How much greenhouse gas is emitted by the things we do?
  • Making things (cement, steel, plastic) 31%
  • Plugging in (electricity) 27%
  • Growing things (plants, animals) 19%
  • Getting around (planes, trucks, cargo ships) 16%
  • Keeping warm and cool (heating, cooling, refrigeration) 7%

Hats off to those who work towards solutions.

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as
in escaping from old ones.” – John Maynard Keynes
CarbonCure Technologies, a Canadian cleantech company from Halifax, Nova Scotia. It develops carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions for the concrete industry. It is a hopeful story whose investors include Amazon, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Microsoft, Stripe and Shopify.
Monday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day.
To mark International Women’s Day, Positive News, a UK magazine, is shining a light on 24 inspiring women. They’re all changing the world by working on solutions. From food to foreign policy and from electronics to economics. Story here.
One of the women portrayed is Samantha Holdsworth. Sam founded Clowns Without Borders UK in 2014. Sam began her career as a facilitator and clown working in diverse community settings.
In disasters, the challenges of day-to-day life can be overwhelming.
Making sure children have the freedom to play and relax is more important than ever. It helps them make sense of the world and provides comfort and respite when needed.
The numbers are staggering. Global conflict affects 1.5 billion people. It has forced 32 million children to flee their homes. Alongside this, natural disasters affect over 200 million people each year.
I searched to see if I could find a video of their performances, and I came across a few videos. Warning: There is one from BBC that broke me.

Their story is so inspiring, but this video story is hard, but it is real.

“Children are great imitators. 

So give them something great to imitate.” — Anonymous

These clowns inspire me. Could I do what they do? 
They bring joy & light into the broken spirits of many.
Everyone laughs in the same language.
“Adults are just outdated children.” — Dr. Seuss

I remember carrying a recording on a little recorder of our daughter giggling when she was a one year old. I would play the recording for others while showcasing our wares at craft shows in Halifax and the response was so beautiful. Without fail, it made us all laugh. 

A child's laugh is perhaps one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Want some, need some?
Your Morning Smile
Have a great weekend, and may next week fill you up with pie & ice cream & laughter. 
With love from Prince Edward Island,
Bruce + Millie

Ps. Let’s Travel Together to Norway

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Kenneth Culp - March 8, 2021

My wife and I visited that bridge, water wheel and saw the house. It is impressive. I turned on that road by mistake, then I noticed it was a private driveway. Nice to see it again. Take good care. Watch out for the Covid boogie man.

Kathryn J Zaengle - March 7, 2021

I was struck by your telling of bringing a recording of your one-year old baby laughing to the craft/trade shows that you attended with the end result of having all those within hearing the recording breaking into laughter. I have always said that the laughter of young children is the language that the angels speak. Thank you for the reminder when I have not been able to see my own children for more than a year.
I look forward to your blog each week. Thank you so much for sharing what we know in our hearts but may have forgotten.

Doreen - March 6, 2021

“Everyone laughs in the same language” – this is the best quote that I have read in a long, long time! Thank you for your weekly blog, Bruce. I look forward to it each week. Hoping you, Shirley and all your staff are staying safe and enjoy many good laughs.

Jack & Lillian Paul - March 6, 2021

Thank you for the video on Norway.. A beautiful country.
We enjoy your blogs and hope they keep coming.

Cynthia - March 6, 2021

Dear Bruce
I do know of these stories with refugee children and widows. My missionary friends support,feed,teach and care for thousands of them each day. It’s heartbreaking and yet to think, that there are clowns. A distraction, bright light, when there is no bright light,as a result of conflict.
You teach us every week.Glimpses of hope,understanding and laughter in a world full of turmoil. Pressing on.May we endeavor to be encouraging to one another. Thank you for your blog.
Love to you and Millie

Julie MacKenzie - March 6, 2021

Thanks for sharing Bruce. I particularly loved the “Spill Your Guts” video…I love when James Corden plays that game with celebrities…although, I gag & cringe when they eat those horrible items. But, it is so funny too! ;) The video of Norway is absolutely beautiful. Definitely on my bucket list to visit one day….I love your blog. Keep them coming. I look forward to them every weekend. Have a wonderful day!

Gillian Keane - March 6, 2021

ThE clown video was gut wrenching yet inspirational.

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