Good Morning from Prince Edward Island, 

Kettle on? Time for tea? Great...let's catch up. Missed you. 

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. It would be terrible if we just skipped from September to November, wouldn't it?  ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

Where does time go?
I had the pleasure of sitting with a long-time-no-see friend for lunch yesterday. We hadn’t been in touch or seen each other for over 25 years. They had moved to another country and life just marched on.
It is such a wonderful experience to feel that hardly a day has gone by and it only takes seconds to reconnect. Good friends just pick up where they left off. 
You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love. ~ Henry Drummond
On the Island This Week
Prince Edward Island is blessed with the vision and efforts of Gary Schneider of Macphail Woods. He and his team have done much to educate our community of woodland stewardship. A compassionate voice for the environment for many years.
The Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation in Orwell has acquired the neighbouring Lindsay property. A 100-acre woodland along the Orwell River.
The Lindsay land is an ecologically sensitive property. It includes the Orwell River which becomes a marshy area as it flows into Orwell Bay. Old-growth hemlock thrives along the river banks. Most of the rest of the property is a forest.  Much had been cleared for farming at one time.
With the acquisition of this property, over 250 acres of land and several kilometres of the Orwell River are now protected. The property will be used to demonstrate ecologically sound forest management and restoration practices.
To celebrate this important acquisition, there will be a talk about the new property and a guided walk on Sunday, Oct. 20 at the Macphail Woods Nature Centre. Read more here. 
Congratulations go out to the organizers of Forage. The second annual culinary food symposium was held this week on Prince Edward Island. Chefs and participants gathered for the two-day event to share food and tips in the food industry.
The goal of the event is to bring together people from Prince Edward Island and beyond to learn more about how culinary tourism is evolving. Read more here.
Birds and The Bees. Charlottetown city council has ended its sting operation and has voted to allow residents to raise bees in their back yards. Read More Here.

Fall Colours. I love this time of year for the fall colours and the change in the air. So refreshing. That being said, I am a bit “sad” from the later sunrises and the earlier sundowns. I need my sunshine. Still my favourite time of year. But so is spring, summer and winter. 

Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day. ~ Shira Jamir

There are those who say there is no climate change and then there are those who say there is. In this matter, the proof is in the science.
Lynsay Spafford is a master's student in environmental science at Memorial University of Newfoundland and St. Francis Xavier in Antigonish, N.S. She has teamed up with Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources. Working in the beautiful hills of Cape Breton, Lynsay is gathering and sharing data to help inform conservation efforts and future resource management. Read More here.

At the shop these days, we are busy getting shortbreads, oatcakes and fruitcakes for the season. Also, giving out hugs to seasonal staff who are moving on and we look forward to seeing them return next year. Shirley and I are grateful for the team of people who came together to work hard and have fun at the same time. 

I can't remember where I read this or who wrote it but it certainly resonated with me. 

"Work is Life; Life is work. I balance this out by working with people I like to be around."

Today, while writing I have been listening to an album called Encores by Nelson Freire. This is a very fine album. Listen Here

I love solo piano while writing. It is the intimacy the pianist has with the music and instrument.
On the topic of music, I love all music, a few exceptions of course. Never been a fan of heavy metal or explicit/rude lyric rap songs.

I want to thank, Susan, for sending along some music suggestions in the comment section last week. I listened two or three times on my way to work. I enjoyed listening to them. The lyrics, musicianship and harmony, oh, so sweet. 

Susan suggested that we listen to Jason & Pharis Romero. Here they are in a video.

Wouldn't it be amazing to sit in a field, with an instrument, a singing partner and share the music resonating from deep within? Envious! 

I would love to hear what music you like while relaxing or love to listen to while dancing or cooking. 

Off to prepare for the day. Lots more visitors coming to our Fair Isle in the sea via cruise ships today. We will be feeding a few. 

My hats off to educators. They must be in full swing. Teaching and learning the personalities of so many. 

Take care of each other. 

With love from Prince Edward Island. 
Walking through the hallways at the middle school where I work, I saw a new substitute teacher standing outside his classroom with his forehead against a locker.
I heard him mutter, "How did you get yourself into this?"
Knowing he was assigned to a difficult class, I tried to offer moral support. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Can I help?"
He lifted his head and replied, "I’ll be fine as soon as I get this kid out of his locker."