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Police Report Needed + Paddle of the Century + He Hated The Book

Police Report Needed + Paddle of the Century + He Hated The Book

Good Morning from Warren Grove, Prince Edward Island

It is a beautiful August morning, sun is on the rise. 

“Up at dawn, the dewy freshness of the hour, the morning rapture of the birds, the daily miracle of sunrise, set her heart in tune, and gave her nature's most healing balm."—Louisa May Alcott

Thank you for joining with me over the last number of weeks of life stories. I hope that all is ok in your world. These are crazy times. 

A few ending sentences from last weeks blog...

By the time I hung up the phone, sirens were coming from three different directions. And one of them came right to me.

The officer talked to me and, while admiring my car, asked, "how fast will it go?"

"Right now, sir, it will not go very fast at all."

I was not happy.

Here I was my first weekend with a new-to-me useless car.

I found out who services MG’s and had the disabled car towed there.

Then I spent the rest of the day sharing the story with friends.

Hitchhiking back to work for Monday was relatively easy. It was Canada Day weekend, and lots of people were heading back to the mainland. I report to work on time.

Now I have to wait for the phone call from the garage, I can't wait for them to tell me to come back to the Island to get my car.

Walking into the insurance company office was memorable.

It was an open office with three women working at desks.  A male manager was standing in the middle of the office with papers in his hands.

Standing at the counter, I explained I had an accident with the car and needed to know how insurance works.

He asked what happened, so I shared the story.

I remember all four heads were staring at me while sharing. They kept looking back and forth to each other; as to say, wow...we haven’t heard this one before.

When I finished the story, the manager responded, “we will need a police report.”

“No problem, I will have one faxed to you.”

After requesting the RCMP officer fax a report to my insurance company I started a conversation with the officer on the phone. I asked who the hijacker was.  They gave me his name. I wondered if they found him at the bridge. “No, we found him at him at his family home (they told me where) having supper with his parents.” 

Three weeks later, they called to say the car was ready for pick up.

I arranged a drive back to the Island with another MG owner. He loved the idea we would have a rally back. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who won.

Work was going well.

So well, the store gave another salesman, and I transfer notices. Tip Top Tailors was to open a new store in a new mall in Fredericton and needed us to get the store ready.

I was the only one with a car. We packed all our clothes into the trunk and strapped two sets of golf clubs on the back. Off we go.

On the way, I had to stop at a service station for gas a washroom break.

I asked Mike to fill the car with gas while I went to the washroom. He did.

About halfway to Fredericton, the car starting to lose, get up and go. I pulled into a service station, the kind of station where a greased overalled men repaired cars. Now all you find is convenience stores and gas pumps.

I spoke with him, explaining where we were coming from, where we are heading and the loss of power. I said Mike had filled it up with gas miles earlier.

He looked at Mike and asked, “what kind of gas did you put in?”

Mike said, “unleaded.”

“That’s your problem; you need leaded gas for this car.”

The mechanic siphoned it out and added lead gas. We started up the car and kept going.

The MG Midget crawled into Fredericton; the damage is done; it didn’t have enough power to complete the journey. The unleaded gas had burned much higher temperature and cooked the engine. 

We pulled into a friendly neighborhood, planning on leaving the wounded car there.

With a promise to come back and deal with it, I left the car parked by the curb in a lovely treed neighbourhood. I wrote down the street name on a piece of paper and put it in my wallet. Then, I knocked on a door, explained our situation and asked if they could call us a taxi.

We had a tight timeline to get the store ready. 

A week went by and the store was ready. Now I needed to deal with the car. So I took a taxi to my lonely car. 

When I arrived at the curb where my car was, I am shocked to see what I saw. I couldn’t believe it. Here was my car, my new-to-me car, my dream car, crushed from the taillight to the headlight.

I stood there, shaking my head. The cab driver now standing beside me had no idea what this little car had been through in the last thirty days.

All I can figure is someone backed out of a driveway and creamed the car from one end to the other.

I had the taxi take me back to the store. At the store, I relayed the story to the new staff.

A fellow employee came forward and asked, “how much do you want for it?

He shared that he liked MG’s, and he needed parts. So I sold him my car as is where it is for two hundred dollars.

My new-to-me-car was now my gone-to-me car.

The trick in life is learning how to deal with it."

- Dame Helen Mirren

While writing this, I am reminiscent of all the hitchhiking adventures I have experienced. Some of them may come out over time. 

My adventures are pale in comparison to this one. 

Paddle of the Century. 

Forty years ago, Don Starkell and his teenaged some set off from Winnipeg’s Red River on a world-record-setting canoe trip. 

Don Starkell wasn't the kind of guy to shy away from improbable odds. So when people told him his dream of paddling a canoe from Winnipeg to the Amazon was impossible, it fuelled his determination to do it.

The epic trip would stretch nearly 20,000 kilometres through 13 countries and include life-threatening tropical storms, fierce waves and a near-execution in Honduras. Read the story here. 

I loved this video. 

This week, I have been thoroughly enjoying the album. 

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2 (Excerpts) Piotr Anderszewski SAMPLE LISTEN HERE. 

Also, I discovered Ivan Bessonov, a marvel of a pianist,.

Watch his hands! 

We wish you a wonderful weekend. 

With love from Prince Edward Island, 

Bruce + Millie

ps. Your Morning Smile 

A man running a little behind schedule arrives at the cinema, goes in to watch the movie that has already started, and as his eyes adjust to the darkness, he is surprised to see a dog sitting beside its master in the row ahead, intently watching the movie.
It even seemed to be enjoying the movie: wagging its tail in the happy bits, drooping its ears at the sad bits, and hiding its eyes with its paws at the scary bits.
After the movie, the man approaches the dog's owner, "Wow, your dog really seemed to enjoy the movie. I'm amazed!"
"Yes, I can't believe it myself," came the reply. "He hated the book."
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althea - August 22, 2021

thank you for the video on Muharrem. Blessings.

Bev S. - August 22, 2021

WOW! Thank you Bruce for sharing your interesting predicaments in life. I think if it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any luck at all.
I also loved reading about the canoe trip!
I always look forward to your blog in Saturdays. My life is definitely enriched by knowing you.

Pam - August 21, 2021

I tear up every time I watch that Samsung video. I highly recommend the new movie CODA (child of deaf adults) about a hearing teen whose parents and brother are deaf and make a living fishing.

murdock morrison - August 21, 2021

Yes another interesting life story Bruce and you definitely had adventures with your MG that not many have had. Not sure if you financially got through this without help but it sure was an interesting story in your life’s journey. Murdock

Lesley Goodison - August 21, 2021

Have been so enjoying your blogs all through these COVID times – always brings a smile to my face to read them & also listen to your music selections. Particularly loved the Samsung video – so moving. Thank you for always brightening my weekends!

Brianne L Stuard - August 21, 2021

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories! I’ve just booked a small getaway to PEI for the end of September – can’t wait to experience your wonderful space and food again. Thanks for being a bright light in rough times.

judi karnis - August 21, 2021

your weekly message and sharing of your stories are so delightful. they lift my spirits. the music you share also makes my soul calm down from the week’s stresses. i’ve been to your beautiful island and met you when i was on a bus trip from Ohio. please don’t stop with your blog, the best part of my week. God Bless.

Julie MacKenzie - August 21, 2021

I loved the rest of your story. Thanks for sharing. Too bad your car didn’t survive after all that. I love your blog & look forward to it every weekend.

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