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When People are the Happiest, London Bridge, what Grandma Says

When People are the Happiest, London Bridge, what Grandma Says

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,

Put the kettle on; I am in for tea. Thank you for inviting me.

It has been cold, really snapping cold here. Plumbers are busy helping home and business owners with frozen pipes all over Island, but one great thing about cold weather is the ingenuity involved in creating home rinks for many to enjoy the family and comradery. What an impressive series of photographs showing off the fruits of hard labour. Take a peek here

Everyone knows that Canadians take hockey very seriously, but it is doubly exciting when one of our own from the Island makes it to the National Hockey League, the NHL. Some of you reading this may not remember the motorcoach driver who may have brought you to our place for lunch, but Clifford Affleck is one proud grandfather (rightfully so) to see his grandson make it the Vancouver Canucks. Excellent story here, “Mom, you have to call me.” 

People are happiest when pursuing duties associated with one's heart desires. Clinical depression in developed countries is on the rise, despite all the well-being we have — food, shelter, education, money, arts, health care, etc. Google “how can I learn to” and you will be astonished to see the outcome. Try it — a sad commentary on the state of the human heart.

The Future of Work series offers a story in the New York Times Magazine. Wealthy Successful and Miserable is an example of what can go wrong when pursuing someone else’s purpose. The upper echelon is hoarding money and privilege to a degree not seen in decades. But that doesn’t make them happy at work. A story by Charles Duhigg. Read here

“Love is our deepest nature, and consciously or unconsciously, each of us searches for love. We often choose such false ways to satisfy this deep hunger. An excessive concentration on our work, achievements, or spiritual quest can lead us away from the presence of love. In the work of the soul, our false urgency can utterly mislead us. We do not need to go out to find love; rather, we need to be still and let love discover us.” John O’Donahue

It is one thing to write a commentary of what is happening all around, but another to think about what can I do to serve?

In honour of George Frideric Handel's birthday February 23, 1685 today, I put on some of his music. He is perhaps most famously known for the Hallelujah chorus that choirs all the world sing at Christmas.

While writing this morning, I watched the sunrise and listened to the Menetti Quartet performing Haydn, J.: String Quartets No. 51, 59, "The Rider" and 64 Listen here

He was born in Germany, moved to Italy and eventually moved to England to take up not only residence but also citizenship. We were to England & Scotland three years ago and loved it. 

British Royalty and the connectivity between it and our world history is fascinating. The amount of detail that goes into the public announcements which emanate out of Buckingham Palace during special occasions is for all event planners to behold.  You may find this article of what will be all involved with Queens Elizabeth's passing informative. The report, written by the Guardian, is an educational and well-written article. Read “London Bridge is Down."

Speaking of the British, I came to love tea in the early '80s and is a passion of mine now and hope to write more about that this year. In my travels to a food show, I met a tea salesman from Columbo, Sri Lanka. We ended up having a booth beside each other, and I came to admire his porcelain wares. Anyone who knows our dining room will remember when ordering a cup of tea to expect to receive it in one of these. We have been serving high-quality loose leaf tea since 1988. I have never been to Sri Lanka, but it is near the top of my bucket list. I hope you enjoy this little film.  

Hope you have a wonderfully warm, safe and a weekend to remember.

With Love from Prince Edward Island,



Grandma, who was becoming an evermore intimidating personality as the years went on, was giving directions to her grown grandson who was coming to visit with his wife.

"You come to the front door of the apartment complex. I am in apartment 14T. There is a big panel at the door. With your elbow push button 14T. I will buzz you in. Come inside, the elevator is on the right. Get in, and with your elbow hit 14. When you get out I am on the left. With your elbow, ring my doorbell."

"Grandma, that sounds easy, but why am I hitting all these buttons with my elbow?" the grandson asked.

"You're coming empty handed?"

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Chet MacPhail - March 9, 2019

Hey Bruce. Peace! Love reading your blog. What a great journey you are on my friend. You remind me of Hockey Night in Canada…“the tradition continues”. Can’t wait to get to the dining room for some pie and Cavendish Sunset.
P.S. I’m having fun telling your LETITGO story. Haven’t been slapped in the face lately either! 😲

Carol-Ann Finlan - February 25, 2019

Thanks for another great blog, Bruce. My heart’s desire is to spend the summer in beautiful PEI! I am following my dreams and I can only hope that they come true.

althea - February 23, 2019

morning bruce, your blogs usually bring back memories. this time – sri lanka. was there some 40 years ago looking into ayurveda. am sure you will get there sooner than later.
memory of granny: when day-visitors overstayed she’d look out the windows and say: it’s going to rain. you should go now…..even though the Indian sun outside was high in the sky shining bright with nary a cloud in sight.
be well. stay well. be love…as always. all blessings.

Sharon L Lapointe - February 23, 2019

Thanks for another great blog. Loved the home made rinks. We had one when our boys were small. We had a clothesline that ran high over the rink and we ran lights out pver the rink. Our elderly neighbors back yard ran into ours and you could see them watching out their window.

Caroline Stogrin - February 23, 2019

Wow Bruce! The trip through Sri Lanka (somewhere I’ll never get to go) was so amazing! Thank you for posting! God bless you today.

Marjorie Foster - February 23, 2019

Thank you, Bruce. Your reflective comments tell a great story. Thank you for your leads to other great events and
people. I will be looking into “Sri Lanka.” All the best as your new season will soon be open. Enjoyed my visit
to your business while in P.E.I. and the wonderful service from your staff. Marj.

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