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Pajamas, Are You Crazy! + Do You Love Me? + They are Lined Up.

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,

Writing while the full moon exposes its beauty and fullness to me and the quiet world. It is 4:17 am.

Dressed in pyjamas, I went out to take a look at its beauty.

It was kind of like this.

In last week’s blog, I wrote of having finished reading Peace and Good Order by Harold Johnston.
A little later in the day, I started a book by Bill Browder called Red Notice. Three days later, I finished reading. I can’t remember reading a near 400-page book so fast. It was a page-turner and with over 7,000 5 Star ratings on Amazon, I am confident in adding another.
A description borrowed from the Indigo site:
"A New York Times bestseller: “[Red Notice] does for investing in Russia and the former Soviet Union what Liar’s Poker did for our understanding of Salomon Brothers, Wall Street, and the mortgage-backed securities business in the 1980s. Browder’s business saga meshes well with the story of corruption and murder in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, making Red Notice an early candidate for any list of the year’s best books” (Fortune).
This is a story about an accidental activist. Bill Browder started out his adult life as the Wall Street maverick whose instincts led him to Russia just after the breakup of the Soviet Union, where he made his fortune.
Along the way he exposed corruption, and when he did, he barely escaped with his life. His Russian lawyer wasn’t so lucky: he ended up in jail, where he was tortured to death. That changed Browder forever. He saw the murderous heart of the Putin regime and has spent the last half-decade on a campaign to expose it. Because of that, he became Putin’s number one enemy, especially after Browder succeeded in having a law passed in the United States that punishes a list of Russians implicated in the lawyer’s murder. Putin famously retaliated with a law that bans Americans from adopting Russian orphans.
A financial caper, a crime thriller, and a political crusade, Red Notice is the story of one man taking on overpowering odds to change the world, and also the story of how, without intending to, he found meaning in his life."
Thanks go to Linda L for suggesting Red Notice. I owe ya!

I recently signed up for a Livestream: Bill Gates on "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need," and having signed up early I received a copy of his book of the same title. I started the read and I look forward to the event on March 10.

In beginning to read How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, it becomes clear the danger our planet is in. I appreciate Bill Gates’s optimism in sharing his thoughts on how we can get the planet to net zero emissions. But EVERYONE needs to work together. Individuals, companies and governments.

We have started researching how to reduce our carbon footprint at the company and home. Too early to say yet, what we will end up doing, but change in how we do what we do is inevitable.

I will start with the simple things first like batteries & plastic. We are looking into how we may install solar power at work as well. My thoughts are we will keep HOPE alive in trying to do our part. 

*Warning to self. 
*For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. ~ Richard P. Feynman
For those of you who regularly read my blog , know I start with a blank page first thing Saturday morning. I have no idea where I am going when I start writing. I try to find a thread to pull on, and when I do, like a jazz musician, just free flow with thoughts versus musical notes.
Today, I pulled on a geek thread. I warn you, there are a lot of rabbit holes in this blog today.

Geeks Thread: I discovered an animated visualization, created by James Eagle. It tracks the evolution of health and wealth factors in countries around the world. Kind of neat. Take a peek.

If you thought that was interesting, take a look at this. Gapminder has a new free educational service called the Worldview Upgrader. This service helps people and organizations realize their ignorance and rid themselves of common misconceptions.
You can even test yourself here
Gapminder tested public knowledge and identified systematic misconceptions about global trends and proportions. They invented different tools to fight these misconceptions. Any teachers in the house, they offer these free tools to all.

I love this website called Ask Nature.

Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that
can transcend political or social boundaries. Jimmy Carter
If the history of life on Earth were put to a 24‑hour clock, humans would have been here shaping the world for mere seconds. As latecomers, it’s time to begin asking the rest of our complex planetary family how to build a more resilient, regenerative, and beautiful world.
Just ask nature how, here
Mother nature to human nature.
"The purpose of life is not to be happy.
It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate,
to have it make some difference
that you have lived and lived well." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order." —John Burroughs
Used in the right way technology is a marvellous thing. Humans are a wonder as well, especially if encouraged in the right way.
The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Here is an example of humans ingenuity. LET’S DANCE! 

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Have a great weekend and may next week be filled with joy and fun chance. 

With love from Prince Edward Island.


Bruce + Millie

ps. Your Morning Smile

Good news, the Lego store has reopened...

People are lined up for blocks!

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Sharon Kalich - February 27, 2021

I think they should make a new Terminator movie with those dancing robots! What a hoot! Dancing instead of killing. Although a little creepy/scary too. Nice to see Millie again loving the snow.
I’m reading the book by Sanjay Gupta called Keep Sharp. Similar in tone to the Doidge books but updated and some new revelations regarding the wonderous organ called our brain. (ps Bill Gates recommends it).

Jennifer Sarkkinen - March 1, 2021

I wouldn’t put any trust in Bill Gates as any kind of expert on the climate of this world! Just because he is wealthy doesn’t make him a scientist. There are many sides to the climate issue. And the climate has been warming up since the last Ice Age!
We are stewards of this earth that God created. As such we do need to be wise, but listening to ask the predictions through the years is mostly useless. I’ve lived long enough to remember when there were predictions of another Ice Age coming, then the ozone hole, acid rain, and ask the hype every time someone writes a book! (Al Gore) 😊
I conserve, have always lived a frugal life and mostly Trust in God!
Be wise and live and walk by Faith!

Arthur Monsebeaaten - February 27, 2021

A book suggestion…. DINNER IN CAMELOT by Joseph A Esposito. (2017)

About a dinner at the White House hosted by President & Jacqueline Kennedy of 49 nobel prize winners, prominent scientists, artists & writers. The largest event at the whitehouse before and since that date (1962). Kennedy was assassinated a year later.

Sharon Vance - February 27, 2021

Phew, that was quite the rabbit hole this morning! Thanks for all the great info and inspiration!

Debbie Carr - February 27, 2021

I think you would like the book Peace by Chocolate.

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