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Old School, 10 year-old's Wisdom, How Wolves Change Rivers

Good Morning and Happy Canada Day weekend from Prince Edward Island.
Let's put the kettle on, have some tea and talk about some good news.
Big changes for all retailers and consumers in Prince Edward Island is in full motion. Preparations are being made to move from single-use plastic shopping bags to paper bags by July 1. It is the law.
We are the first province in Canada to put the ban in place. I suspect it is only a matter of time before this becomes the norm everywhere.
It is a good thing, if not for any other reason than bringing an acute awareness of our environment.
This CBC story captures the essence of the challenges retailers face. Cost and storage space. Take a peek here. 
More and more attention is being paid to our environment and it is not too soon. Caring for nature is caring for each other. This is our earthly home after all.
I love this video that was captured by a committee of folks interviewing 10 year-old Connor Fitzpatrick on Prince Edward Island. The group have a wonderful blog called Happy Ocean.
Kudos to those involved in Connor's upbringing. He is very articulate and well spoken.
Way to go, Connor, your enthusiasm is contagious and your wisdom is awe-inspiring. You are a leader.
“Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.” -Unknown
Last week, I read about a group who broke a Guinness World Record. Over 600 scuba divers scooped up trash from the ocean floor in Deerfield, Florida. Read more here.
Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryūnosuke Satoro
How Wolves Change Rivers is a fascinating 5-minute video. A synopsis on a subject called Trophic Cascades.

“Trophic cascades are powerful indirect interactions that can control entire ecosystems. Trophic cascades occur when predators limit the density and/or behaviour of their prey. Thereby enhance survival of the next lower trophic level.”
If you wish to do deep on this, here is a great article from The Knowledge Project.

On July 1 Canada will celebrate 152 years being a country. Happy Birthday, Canada. Hope everyone partaking in activities enjoy the festivities safe and wise manner.


Today, I have been listening to Seven Days Walking, by Ludovico

Einaudi. His 14th studio album is the first in a set of seven albums released over seven consecutive months throughout 2019 as the pianist/composer retraces the same wintry Alpine walk seven times in seven days. Each walk inspires new reflections, new meditations. Einaudi sets out his intentions here, his searching, plaintive piano mixing with whispering strings as he grapples with nature’s ever-shifting mask and mourns its transience. “Golden Butterflies” hesitantly flutters, the sinewy “Cold Wind” both comforts and disturbs. At last the mists clear in “Ascent,” Einaudi’s music reaching for new optimism. A magical start to seven kaleidoscopic journeys. Sample Day One here

What music are you listening to these days?
Take care and have a great weekend, slow down and enjoy each moment.
With love from Prince Edward Island,
A snail hitched a ride with a friendly turtle. As they reached an intersection another turtle came along and rammed into them!
A police officer came and questioned the snail: "What happened here?"
The little snail replied, "I don't know -- it all happened so fast."
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Heather Adamson - July 2, 2019

Your blog is a great way to start my day!!
I was raised with classic rock. Anything before the 80’s!!

Cindy Wohl - July 2, 2019

California charges 10cents for a bag at the grocery stores. I am getting pretty good at remembering to bring my own bags.

Joy Fielder - June 30, 2019

What a fine presentation, Connor. You are quite an inspiration to others – young and old. Keep up the good work.

Valerie - June 29, 2019

Great to see the Island taking a lead to ban plastic bags. I remember as a kid shopping with my parents and having groceries packed in paper bags. Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

MURDOCK MORRISON - June 29, 2019

Yes Canada Day is our day and we should all celebrate it as we are so very fortunate to be living in a country that is free from the horrific scenes we see in other parts of the world. Of course , we do need to look after our environment as we haven’t and the result is the overall impact of climate change today and the effect it is having on our world . I commend Connor Fitzpatrick for his personal commitment to climate change and the video “Happy Ocean” as he is a leader that will inspire others to care for our environment. We are in a new world now in that we finally have recognized that all of the disasters ( hurricanes, tornados , flooding, lighting, forest fires, etc. are a result of our neglect to not look after the planet we live on everyday.

Margaret Ross - June 29, 2019

Happy Canada Day from Ontario. We are celebrating 50 years in business as well as Canada Day. I truly enjoy reading your stories.

Joyce Simpson - June 29, 2019

Outstanding presentation, Connor.
Thanks for sharing it, Bruce.

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