Hi Folks and Happy Saturday, 

I want to thank Kara Cousins who have created the beautiful image you see above, most of you know I am not a woman. LOL. 

As a father of two wonderful daughters, I celebrate Women's International Day.

I have to confess; I wish the world of politics had an equal balance of women and men in positions of power, but honestly I would prefer the higher percentage lean towards female side. Family, nurturing care and respect for each other is second nature, versus the competitive rock sock 'em attitude of the male gender. Sorry men, this is just what I feel. 

Interesting article in Atlantic Magazine about women at work in 1917. Read more here.

As an aging boomer, I hit 60 in 2016, and I am starting to rethink EVERYTHING. I read somewhere that we are to think about what made us happy as a child and reconnect with it. I loved biking as a child and have started to research bicycles in attempts to find the right one for my lifestyle. I found this article to be both interesting and inspirational by the fact that these boomers started a bicycle company in their later years.

Read about it here. I hope you enjoy the read

We are working on new thinking when it comes to what we eat and what we serve in our restaurant, reading this article added some side benefits not only for the heart but the brain as well. This article is a quick read, thank you goes to the NY Times

Have a great weekend and beyond!