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Music Reduces Stress, Antique Car of Love, Need to See Some ID

Music Reduces Stress, Antique Car of Love, Need to See Some ID

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island, the refuge in the sea, so far.
Put the kettle on; it is time for a cuppa. -6C / 21 F today.
In last week's blog, I shared the story of Millie and a doomed squirrel. Some of you offered encouragement and training tips. Thank you!!! I learned that her "crate" is to be her happy place, and I love the concept. We all have one; why not our pet? 

Over the years, our family has had some adult rescues but never a puppy, a different experience altogether. But a good one. I have never laughed so much at the antics of an animal, and it has been great.

Top of mind for everyone these days is the "virus." Let's hope and pray for a vaccine in short order. Human ingenuity and the desire to succeed are part of our DNA, hence there are lots of smart people working hard to push back and stop this. I am sure someone is going to be fruitful soon. 

Interesting Dashboard showing the global numbers. 


In the meantime, may it be a reminder that life is a box of joy and pain with vulnerability thrown in the middle? I predict this global challenge will have a lot of people thinking about what is important.

Speaking of what is important…
This is a story of 3-year-old Liam and 6-year-old Arielle Keryluke who lived with their grandparents since the time their parents passed away in a motorcycle accident.
The grandparents became the guardians of these two children, both who have health issues relating to hearingNeeding funds to help, they made the hard decision to auction off an antique car belonging to their deceased son. What happens next is so beautiful.
The auctioneer auctioned it off, the winner, donated the car back to be auctioned off again, the next winner donated it back to be auctioned off again, the winner of the third auction gave the car back to the grandparents.
Music is one of humanity's most significant creative achievements. It turns out; this creative force may have serious medical implications as well. Study after study has shown that music not only helps to reduce psychological stress, it can improve physiological symptoms, aid in healing, and improve immune function as well.
"Research is showing us that at-least some musical education has a positive impact on the social and cognitive development of children. And these effects are long-lasting – better hearing, better motor skills, improved memory, better verbal and literacy skills." – Alan Harvey
Music therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the medical community. Music is being used as an important part of palliative care, Alzheimer's and dementia treatment, even in the NICU.
Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand. ~ Stevie Wonder
When Robert Gupta was caught between a career as a doctor and as a violinist, he realized his place was in the middle, with a bow in his hand and a sense of social justice in his heart. He tells a moving story of society's marginalized and the power of music therapy.
Today, I am enjoying listening to Brahms-Schumann-Fruhling Clarinet Trios by Steven Isserlis, Michael Collins, & Stephen Hough. Thank you for the musical suggestion, B. Ewart.  
I also enjoyed listening to how the song, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, came to be.
Have a wonderful weekend, and if you have been blessed, be a blessing.
With lots of love from Prince Edward Island!
Bruce & Millie
A customer walked up to my bank window and asked me to cash a check.
"Of course," I said. "But I'll need to see ID."
She dug through her purse and handed me a snapshot.
"That's me in the middle," she said.
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Linda - March 21, 2020

I am a little late ready this blog. I was so glad to see the piece on Simon & Garfunkel. That song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Paul Simon is definitely one of our greatest gifts. Thank you so much for sharing this piece with us.
Stay safe during this trying time. Look forward to all your blogs. Much love from Nova Scotia. 💗

Leslie "Hardly" Habel - March 12, 2020

Hi Bruce, hope to return to PEI in September when COVID-19 gets under control & cruises pick up again. Late reading your Blog, but am soooo glad I did. We were going to Youngstown State University in the middle of the Viet Nam War, small apartment off campus with our 7-Month-old daughter. I received notice from my Draft Board to report to Cleveland, OH for my draft physical. I asked my board if I could coordinate the physical w/ a job interview the same day in Cleveland. They said they would reschedule the physical & didn’t want to interrupt my interview. Sitting in the parking lot of the interview company, I was listening to S&G’s “Bridge” and I knew it was a sign. I actually got the job and started in mid April – the next month were the Kent State Shootings. The Draft Board never called me back and my wife and I always thought the words that Paul wrote in “Bridge” were, and still are, the most consoling and the reason why. Thank you Bruce for your wonderful Blog and reminding us of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water!”

MURDOCK Roy MORRISON - March 10, 2020

Hi Bruce and Millie – enjoyed this blog as it touched so many themes the story of Liam and Arielle – a lovely story of giving back; your theme on " music therapy" was one we don’t often appreciate but it is so powerful; the story on Robert Gupta and his gifts to our world and then Bridge Over Trouble Water by S & G – wonderful and so meaningful to those in need to comfort and healing. Now stay healthy as we want more blogs murdock

Cathie Sabourin - March 8, 2020

If you do a winter postcard you must also do a summer one with the garden.

Linda Tuttle - March 8, 2020

Love the compassionate story of giving from the Red Deer Community. How kind to give the classic car back to the family. Blessings to all !

Derinda - March 8, 2020

I really do agree that you should have Postcards and Prints made of the aerial view of your property. Millie is adorable and will bring you much joy. Love Simon and Garfunkel.

Jackie - March 7, 2020

You have a true gift. Your blogs have seen me through some trials. Thanks

Susan E - March 7, 2020

Hi Bruce – yes, a really great blog today. And I agree with Althea and Melanie, 100%, about the aerial photo too! I’m coming back later to listen to the Simon & Garfunkel clip :)
Happy Weekend, Everyone!

althea - March 7, 2020

Your best blog yet, for me Bruce, this year. Thanks. Fabulous photo. Would make a lovely postcard for the store.
Much love. althea

Jane - March 7, 2020

Love your blogs and love PEI! I especially love your addition of the Bridge Over Troubled Waters story. I have always said if I was on a deserted island, Simon & Garfunkel music would be a top music selection that would be with me.
Enjoy your weekend and all days.

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