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Meow! It’s National Cat Day

Meow! It’s National Cat Day

 What a big week for all the little boys and ghouls with Halloween right around the corner, though it doesn’t feel that way here in PEI. Warm temperatures continue throughout the month, which is quite unusual, but more than welcome. Many years, the end of October sees us covering our kids' costumes in parkas and snow pants, but, so far, we’re still wearing t-shirts. Shirley and I are still enjoying beach walks in the evenings. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I just love October. 

Before Halloween comes along, there’s another important occasion we must mention…National Cat Day. Tomorrow, October 29, marks National Cat Day…a day to celebrate the felines in your life. Rocky is our cat at home, Lauren's cat is Pepper, and Emily's cat is Bobbi.

I would love to hear your cat stories, so please feel free to share photos and stories of your furry friends on our Facebook page! 

I would also like to hear about your Halloween traditions. We live in a rural area and don’t see many trick-or-treaters, but the ones who do visit get lots of goodies. Here on the Island, country kids know which houses to go to, to score the best treats. When our girls were little, they knew where they’d be given a full-sized chocolate bar… score!! And I knew which houses handed out homemade fudge to the parents… double score!! I have to admit, I do have a sweet tooth. We always purchase too many items, so for a few days, I get to eat the leftovers! Purrrfect! 

One further note before I leave you for this week if you’re using pumpkins and squash to decorate your yard with, remember that pumpkins are food, so don’t put them straight in the compost! If there are varieties you can use to eat, go ahead and roast them! You can find many recipes online for cooking pumpkin. And it freezes very well. If you don’t cook the pumpkins, perhaps you would like to at least roast the seeds? Just a thought to consider.

Also, we are getting prepared to receive cranberries this week as we start making our Cranberry Sauce, a favourite flavour for a number of our regular customers in Canada and the US. 

With that, I wish you a safe and happy Halloween and a day of pampering for the special cat in your life. (As if s/he needs it! )

Remember anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Have a wonderful week! 

W/ith love from Prince Edward Island...


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Anne - November 4, 2017

If you want to expand your reading to include the creatives, Charles Dickens novels are a must. Also, Don Quixote.

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