I hope the women reading were wished a Happy International Women's Day on March 8th.

If not, consider this my good wishes to you.

Having two daughters to whom I adore and think the world of has me grateful for the brave female leaders who have worked so hard for equality and justice for all, today and throughout history.

Read a fact this week. Since 1851 the obituaries written by New York Times were mainly white men. The paper is doing a mea culpa of sorts in publishing this beautiful piece of journalism.  

Read here: 15 Amazing Women

Another woman who I think the world is fortunate to be with us at this time in history is Malala Yoursafzai.

Just finished watching her interview with the unorthodox David Letterman on Netflix. Wonderful interview.

Netflix Subscribers Watch Here

On International Women's Day, Historica Canada released a new 60-second Heritage Minutes video which brings Prince Edward Island's most beloved author to life.

I am so impressed with how much was said in this short video about this trailblazing woman who not only helped to pave the way for female writers, but Lucy Maud did so while struggling with depression.

I encourage you to watch.


We had some snow last night here on the Island and we woke up to a winter wonderland! 

This a photo I took on my phone earlier this morning in Montague, the beautiful. 

I am back home now warming a bowl of Shirley's homemade beef stew, writing and listening to music.

There are two things to complete the title of this blog, one is while writing this I have been listening to, Multitude of Angels by Keith Jarrett. Sample it here: https://apple.co/2tB7KAC

The other item is this truck driver who just made me laugh out loud and put a huge smile on my face. I hope it does the same for you. Here is Saturday's Silly.

Have a wonderful weekend and may next week be filled with peace. 

With Love from Prince Edward Island,