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The Lights of Rustico

The Lights of Rustico

For several years now, members of this Seaside community have had a friendly competition to have the biggest and brightest displays of Christmas lights on their homes and businesses. Every year people come from all over the Island to see the beautiful displays. It has become a tradition for many and has grown so much that many bus tours have made North Rustico a stop during the holiday season.  Enjoy!

Check out the video below of the Christmas lights in North Rustico by Islander and friend Pat Martel!  It features North Rustico’s own James Gallant and his touching story on why he started decorating his house for Christmas.  (Because of James’s hard work, he inspired this Town.  He was the recipient of the Provincial Credit Union’s 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award.  He has also raised donations for the Children’s Wish Foundation over the last 10 years).

Merry Christmas!  

Bruce & Shirley 




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Valerie Dawes - December 31, 2017

Happy New Year from frigid Regina. Our best to you and Shirley. John & I would love to get to the Island in 2018.

Margaret Kappel - December 23, 2017

My cousins Marie and Norman (Bearded Skipper) live here THis is great

Janet Connolly - December 23, 2017

super , BRUCE. Thanks for sending. Just got more jams from the sore in Confed mall in town!!

Bob Dobson - December 23, 2017

Wonderful pictures of the Christmas lights and for James for his story.

B. Gardella - December 23, 2017

How pretty it looks from above—a lovely video! The blogs are enjoyed too.

Lillie Dikeman - December 23, 2017

Thank you so much for the video. It was just beautiful and enjoyed it so much. North Rustico is just beautiful in summer or winter. Merry Christmas from my house in Arkansas to yours on PEI.

jurgen Hess - December 23, 2017

P.E.I. our great vacation spot.For many many many Jears we have spend our Vacation in P.E.I. in the summer our yealy Breakfast was at the Preseve Restaurant.We always were staying in Stanhope A great Playce Jurgen

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