Good Morning from Kelowna,

My wife and I, with our two daughters, just spent the week in this beautiful part of Canada, and we had a wonderful time.

This is the beginning of what I hope to be the year of living more intentionally, making every moment count.

We packed in a great week of nature, R & R (restaurants & retail) and some good downtime.

Here are a few photos from our visit. Hope to be back again next year if not later in spring.

While here I read a few interesting articles on living intentionally and letting things go. But before I share the articles a couple of blogs back I had mentioned that I would tell the story of my license plate and the policeman who pulled me over.

It was a dark evening and Shirley and I were on our way home from visiting friends and on our way through a neighbourhood.  Didn’t think any more of it, until a minute later, the lights of the cruiser were turned on and the police car was on my bumper. Now I don’t care who you are, the sight of police flashing lights always seems to get my heart rate up, yet I had no idea what I did.

After the perfunctory introductions, license, registration, etc he explained that I had rolled through a stop sign and said, “I have to call this in”.

Ten minutes later, he comes back to my car laughing really hard and wanted to thank me for making his day.

He explained to us that when he called it into dispatch he stated in such a way to ensure that the first letter was clearly understood, he shared Lima, Echo, Tango, Ivanhoe, Tango, Gregory, Outside, and the dispatch gave him nothing but a grunt after he came to realize that it spelled “Let It Go.” It worked, he let me go!

In the spirit of letting it go, I hope you enjoy the articles I share today and I hope that if you made plans at the beginning of the year to make some changes, you might find these reads interesting. 

How To Stop Overthinking Everything, According To Therapists

Thinking about something in endless circles — is exhausting and makes you more susceptible to depression and anxiety. Read Here. 

What Happens When People Are Intentionally More Open to New Experiences?

New research investigates the effects of engaging in behaviours associated with openness to new experiences and it is all good! Read Here

Well, I have to run, the plane leaves at 9:30 and we fly east only to land in the middle of a storm. Supposed to land at 12:05 am in Halifax, Sunday morning.  

This is joy in motion, a must watch.

I have been listening to Peaceful Guitar, by Paul Mercer. Listen Here. 

Hope you have a great week ahead and thank you for being there.

With love in the air...



A man goes to a doctor and says, “Doctor, I have a very serious problem. I only hear half of everything.”

"That can’t be," answers the doctor. “Either you can hear everything or you hear nothing. Tell you what, Let us see. Repeat after me... Ninety-Six.”

The man quickly replies, “Forty-eight!”