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Gifts from the Heart, Love Story Like No Other, and Stop Passing the Pie, Dad

Gifts from the Heart, Love Story Like No Other, and Stop Passing the Pie, Dad

Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,
Thank you for taking the time to spend with me today. It won’t be a long chat, everyone is busy and lots to do, so I appreciate you allowing me in for a cuppa.
I have a couple of local news story that speaks to the generosity of Islanders and not only at Christmas. The Island is a special place within the confederation called Canada.
(Warning: Pet Peeve) Proud to be part of Canada, Yes. Though ethically I don’t feel the Federal Government can defend charging Islanders a fee to visit the country that issues us our passports.
As my license plate states, LET IT GO, I will. 
Below are two stories from The Guardian, a Charlottetown newspaper.
Peyton Peters, 10, of Oyster Bed Bridge has a unique perspective for living. Since six years of age, instead of presents, she has been asking family and friends for money. She then donates it to a different charity every year.
This year, she raised $250 in birthday money and used it to go shopping. She bought small turkeys and hams for Gifts From the Heart. The Charlottetown non-profit organization helps low-income Islanders. - Read More Here

'They need love' a story from the Guardian as well.

Davies has been living and working in Uganda since 2013. He was working as a teacher in Kampala. He moved in January to Nakanyonyi Village. There he assisted in the day to day operations of Love Uganda Orphanage, caring home for abused children.

“I had the opportunity to work as a caregiver. I took on the challenge and it’s the best decision I ever made,” said Davies, who is home on P.E.I. for a visit.
The Love Uganda Orphanage houses 19 orphans aged four to 14 years. It’s about an hour from the country’s capital, Kampala.”

They want to build a new orphanage. One that seeks to provide a village setting that is self-contained and self-sustainable

If you feel inclined to help these folks out, donate here

"Deep within us—no matter who we are—there lives a feeling of wanting to be lovable, of wanting to be the kind of person that others like to be with. And the greatest thing we can do is to let people know that they are loved and capable of loving." ~ Mister Rogers

The Best Thing I Read This Week: (NY Times)
"The first time he spoke to her, in 1943, by the Auschwitz crematory, David Wisnia realized that Helen Spitzer was no regular inmate. Zippi, as she was known, was clean, always neat. She wore a jacket and smelled good. They were introduced by a fellow inmate, at her request.
Her presence was unusual in itself: a woman outside the women’s quarters, speaking with a male prisoner. Before Mr. Wisnia knew it, they were alone, all the prisoners around them gone. This wasn’t a coincidence, he later realized. They made a plan to meet again in a week." To be continued, get a tissue or two. 
I Grabbed this Quote, or I Should say it Grabbed Me:

I believe in women’s rights. I don’t know if that makes me a feminist. I think everyone should believe in women’s rights.-*Unknown

( I was neglectful and forgot to write down the author’s name and I can’t remember if I heard it or read it, but it stuck. I am pretty sure it was Jen Agg, owner and creator of LeSwan in Toronto. I wish I was the one quoted. So let’s say, I am.)

On GoodNewsNetwork, I read about Vitamin Angels. A charity for mothers and children. They provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition. Vitamin Angels commissioned One Poll to do a US study, of which one component was good deeds. I found it interesting and want to share the following.
1. Helped someone with directions — 66%
2. Held the door open for a stranger — 65%
3. Let someone with fewer items go in front of me in line at a store — 60%
4. Helped someone cross the street — 60%
5. Completed a chore/errand for a family member or friend — 56%
6. Gave a dollar or so to charity when checking out while shopping — 56%
7. Donated clothes to a thrift store — 55%
8. Helped someone carry their groceries home — 55%
9. Returned a lost item that I found — 55%
10. Paid for a stranger’s meal — 53%
I am curious what is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you or someone you know.
Three Therapy Tips from Twitter:

1. If you can imagine the worst thing, you can imagine the best thing. Both things are imaginary. Say out loud verbally the positive outcome, repeat until it feels more real.

2. Avoid saying "should". It's too easy to fall into pressuring yourself and pushing yourself too much. Reframe and rephrase.
"I should exercise" "I like how I feel after exercise",
"I should do laundry" "I want clean clothes" 

"Stop shoulding all over yourself"

3. If you don’t acknowledge an emotion you can’t get past it. Even negative ones,        like envy.

Speaking of therapy...this week I have been listening to many genres of music. But today, I listened to a cellist that I had never heard of until I read this article earlier this week. Top 7 Classical Cellists Of All Time...And Why
Hence, I have been listening to Russian cellist, Mstislav Rostropovich (1927-2007)
I was reading that he was a giant of 20th-century classical music and considered by many to be the century’s finest cellist known both for extraordinary technique and interpretative skills.
I love the cello. If the sound of our souls could be recorded, I feel it would sound like a cello. The tonality speaks to me like no other instrument.
Wishing you a great weekend, be safe and be kind out there. 
With Love from Prince Edward Island
Little Johnny and his family seldom had guests, so he was eager to help his mother after his father appeared with two dinner guests from the office.
When the dinner was nearly over, Johnny went to the kitchen and proudly carried in the first piece of apple pie, giving it to his father who passed it to a guest.
Little Johnny came in with the second piece of pie and gave it to his father, who again gave it to a guest.
This was too much for Johnny, who said, "It's no use, Dad. The pieces are all the same size."
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Susan E-J - December 14, 2019

Hi Bruce,
Happy Saturday before Christmas :) I took some time with my tea today and the terrific little clip on Rostropovich and his cello… thanks for sharing. A little slice of music and world history, with my very favourite instrument front and centre too, as the snow falls outside. You mentioned you’d like to be quoted, Bruce? “I love the cello. If the sound of our souls could be recorded, I feel it would sound like a cello.” (Bruce MacNaughton). Agreed! Very best, Susan E-J.

MURDOCK Roy MORRISON - December 14, 2019

Lots to think about Bruce in your blog this week and it was mostly doing “good things” which is what life should be about because we all know the tough times that many experience no matter where you live. Being there to help someone who is hurting or in need is such a wonderful feeling and you are doing that with your upbeat and positive messages . Read this today " May you always have the love to share , the health to spare and the friends that care" and this is what you try to do in your blogs.

Cindy - December 14, 2019

I really look forward to my Saturday morning cuppa and your blog!!

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