Good Morning from Prince Edward Island,
Cuppa time...

Last week’s blog, I mentioned that every once in a while I need to put a cup of white vinegar in the kettle to remove the build-up of minerals (limescale) at the bottom of the kettle. Well, Althea one of the blog readers also said, “Hello, Bruce. Just FYI: put baking soda down kitchen and bathroom drains; followed by the boiled vinegar from cleaning the kettle; wait till bubbling stops, then run hot water tap for couple seconds. Voila! cleaned/cleared drains.”

Thank you, Althea, and thank you goes out to all who take the time to comment on the blog. I appreciate the encouragement.
I also mentioned my desire to “change the channel” sort of speak and read and or listen to less news. I did ok, but more change is needed.
Since starting to blog three years ago, I found the best way for me to know what to write, is to make a request to the heavens the night before on what it is to be. When I awake, I follow and it flows.
What am I supposed to write about today?
The first sound I heard this morning, was the cooing of a pair of doves. I give thanks for that, move my feet to the floor and the morning begins.
The peacefulness of that sound reminded me of my need to retreat.
Lately, the anxiety of the times has taken a toll on my ability to concentrate for any length of time. So I am now on a journey looking at all my habits. With an eye on questioning the value of each and score them according to which ones bring me closer to peace of mind.
Psychology Today, July 2020 Grief issue posted an article I appreciated reading. Repairing the Toll of Uncertainty, a time of high anxiety demands measures to fortify the nervous system.
“If anxiety thrives on uncertainty, then 2020 has already captured the title of the Year of Anxiety. Almost everyone on earth is in uncharted territory. Not only is the coronavirus novel, but so is the experience of global quarantine of unknown duration to prevent the spread of a bug that infects and kills with a greater degree of caprice than science has so far been able to keep up with.
A certain amount of anxiety is adaptive—in this case, a prudent prod to taking and maintaining self-protective measures indoors and out. But the scale of the pandemic wrought so many changes so suddenly that health worries about oneself and loved ones have an excess of company. There’s angst about jobs and the economy, the availability and deployment of needed resources at every level of functioning, the education and advancement of our children, what life after will look like, and the governance of the country in an election year.
Uninterrupted, anxiety has a way of feeding on itself. Rumination about the unknown not only consumes inordinate amounts of time, it also breeds expectations of catastrophe." Read the full article here.
I use a digital app, called, Todoist to help keep my “to-do” list. I also jot down ideas in the app that pop-in my brain to consider at a later date.
They have a blog, Ambition & Balance where I enjoyed an article from it this week. “What to Do When You are Mentally Exhausted,” Why your brain feels tired and what you can do about it.
“Mental fatigue can be acute or chronic. Acute fatigue is short-lived and is relieved after a brief period of rest. Most of us experience acute fatigue during an afternoon slump or at the end of a, particularly hectic day. Acute fatigue is normal.
However, if left unaddressed, acute fatigue can snowball into chronic fatigue and ultimately lead to burnout. Identify the root causes of your mental fatigue and take proactive steps to manage it early on.” Read More here.
On Being with Krista Tippet is a podcast I enjoy very much. I listened to a conversation she had with John O’Donahue and I found it to ground my thinking into going only where I can go.
“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” —Hermann Hesse
John O’Donohue’s voice and writings continue to bring ancient mystical wisdom to modern confusions and longings.
The interview starts with John stating, “Beauty isn’t all about just nice loveliness, like. Beauty is about more rounded, substantial becoming. So I think beauty, in that sense, is about an emerging fullness, a greater sense of grace and elegance, a deeper sense of depth, and also a kind of homecoming for the enriched memory of your unfolding life.” Read the transcript and/or listen to the podcast here.
Looking at habits is one thing, but taking the time to listen to the still small voice is one habit I need to take more time for.
Which brings me back to the “doves cooing” this morning. Were they “love birds” sending me a message? I’d like to think so.
Another blog reader sent me 45 Funny Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Canada. Take a peek here. Thank you, Ron. Some of these totally cracked me up.

This week on and off I have been listening to “Japanese Garden.” If you like nature sounds, this site is unreal. Try it out. Amazing really.

And if you are thinking that you are experiencing hearing loss, as I am, the same developer created an online hearing test. Again, amazing. Test here.

This morning, I have been listening to Canadian guitarist Jeffery McFadden’s new album. J.S. Bach: Cello Suites, Vol. 1 (Arr. J. McFadden for Guitar) Editors Notes: The guitarist’s stylish, lively approach to Nos. 1-3 is superbly recorded. Preview here. 
Ponder-ism: Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?
Well, heading out the door to play catch with Millie. I started training her to catch the tennis ball last evening. It was exciting this morning to see her “light up” when I asked her if she wanted to play catch. So, I can’t tease her any longer, time to play catch.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend.
Take care of each other.
“Study the path of others to make your way easier and more abundant. Lean toward the whispers of your own heart, discover the universal truth, and follow its dictates… Release the need to hate, to harbour division, and the enticement of revenge. Release all bitterness. Hold only love, only peace in your heart, knowing that the battle of good to overcome evil is already won. Choose confrontation wisely, but when it is your time don’t be afraid to stand up, speak up, and speak out against injustice. And if you follow your truth down the road to peace and the affirmation of love, if you shine like a beacon for all to see, then the poetry of all the great dreamers and philosophers is yours to manifest in a nation, a world community, and a beloved community that is finally at peace with itself. ~ RIP John Lewis February 21, 1940–July 17, 2020
With love from Prince Edward Island,
Bruce & Millie
I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing...
If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!