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Fall Flavours, Tears and Mother-in-Law

Fall Flavours, Tears and Mother-in-Law

I adore the weather we’re having on the Island right now. Warm, sunny days and lovely cool evenings. Even though it’s technically still summer, I have spotted some red and orange leaves already…

Certainly, a change of season is in the air.

Fall Flavours has begun and folks from all over the world come to enjoy all that Prince Edward Island has to offer in way of the bounty harvested from the land and sea.

The International Shellfish Festival starts up next weekend, and if you are thinking of going, you can purchase tickets here.

For more info on Fall Flavours read here and book tickets here

I loved reading this story about Isabella Baker, a 10-year-old who is off to a great start in life. Recognizing there much to be received from giving.

A big thank you goes out Islander Perry Williams of Virtual Studios for this awesome video. 

There has been a lot of hard work, sweat and tears getting The Preserve Company to where it is and Shirley and I are so grateful to past and present staff and our wonderful customers and suppliers who have joined with us on this journey.

The encouragement note this week comes from Quebec. Thank you, Joanne! 

Dear Bruce & Shirley, so much kindness and joy emanate from your lovely store, friendly service and staff and your beautiful Gardens of Hope. The preserves and tea that I purchased in August are scrumptious. What wonderful dedication to making good products and creating a place of meaning and compassion that can be shared by all. Thank you!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend and rest of summer. 

With love from Prince Edward Island



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Bryce Schnare - September 9, 2018

Debbie,Greg,Karen,and I watched these videos while we were having breakfast in Clinton this morning. wow👏🏻👏🏻 You have hardly aged. 😂😂
It has been such a pleasure for us to watch The PEI Preserve Company grow over the past 30 years……..Our favourite place to visit on Prince Edward Island.
You and Shirley are truly amazing folks
Lots of Love❤️

Xandra van der Geer - September 9, 2018

It was ad a joy whatching those videos!! PAST&PRESENT!!
God bless you Bruce. You and Shirley deserve it all!!
The place looks SPECTACULAR!!

MURDOCK MORRISON - September 8, 2018

Again Bruce I enjoyed reading your blog as it had many excursions into interesting themes and topics but the mother in law story was a cute way to end your blog. Murdock

Carole - September 8, 2018

Bruce and Shirley On this chilly day in Ontario, it was wonderful to have a brief visit home. The Gardens look spectacular. Miss you all.

Elizabeth MacDonald - September 8, 2018

Ahhh Bruce,

This video brings back pleasant memories of long ago. The smell of monks blend tea and raspberries and champagne bubbling away as you walked into work in the early morning. Renatta and Bert in the kitchen with the lindsor torte, fresh baguette and brioche baking. Little did I realize that those days would be some of my most fond memories. It was a simpler pleasure with rewards you were unaware of….. I still have to thank you for making me get on that bus to tell your story. I stammered,hicupped and raced through it but it helped an anxious young girl find her voice. Lol. Yes those were the days. 😁❤️🌈

Margaret Gordon - September 9, 2018

Good afternoon from Ontario
I really enjoyed the video of the early days! Who was the tall gentleman interviewing you? On another note I really enjoy your no sugar added jam especially on a cold snowy morning!

Don Fultz - September 8, 2018


…great time of year for us as well! We are heading back up there this looking forward to reconnecting with family roots, the
best of the island’s food, and meeting up with friends from Ontario as well. It’s all good!

Don & Charlotte

Judy - September 8, 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed the video! It brought a smile. I love to see dreams come true and small businesses thrive!

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