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Bubbled in the Atlantic, Revolutionary Love, and a Running Joke

Bubbled in the Atlantic, Revolutionary Love, and a Running Joke

Good Morning from bubbled Prince Edward Island,

There are going to be a lot of cuppas this weekend in Atlantic Canada. Thank you for taking the time for one more with me. 

Well, it happened finally, families and friends united after 4 months of isolation.

The 4 Atlantic Canadian provinces have agreed to allow their citizens to move freely between provinces. Necessary traceability documentation is still required.

Our small business is experiencing a bit of a shock. Having the inability to hire and keep all our staff hurts. The travel ban causes lower revenues and consequences. Understandably.
One of our out of province readers, was thoughtful and kind this week. He made a significant online purchase and requested we distribute them to the people in need. We will deliver many cases over the next week to three Island food banks. Thank you, JS.
The last four months of lockdown, brought many stories of family separation, and the anxieties which arose. This story from CBC shares the joy of reconnection.
Shirley and I are fortunate to have one daughter on the Island. Our other daughter is in British Columbia working as a social worker during these trying times.  We are working towards making a reunion as soon as possible.
The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. Mother Teresa
Readers of this blog know that I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. For the last few years, I have come to appreciate the peace I receive from listening to classical music.
I found myself captivated by this story in Reuters. Budapest orchestra helps deaf people 'hear' Beethoven through touch. 
If I had to choose which sense I would like to be without I am not sure which one. But I am happy to have read somewhere that during life’s end, hearing is the last to go. So whisper love stories to me or put the music in my ears and let me float.
Humans aren't as good as we should be in our capacity to empathise with feelings and thoughts of others, be they humans or other animals on Earth. So maybe part of our formal education should be training in empathy. Imagine how different the world would be if, in fact, that were 'reading, writing, arithmetic, empathy.' Neil deGrasse Tyson
Watching this next video brought tears of joy as I watched the love and passion expressed by Paul Whitaker, founder of Feel the Music.

To bridge the worlds of music and deafness needs commitment, enthusiasm, confidence, the ability to make a fool of yourself and not worry what others may think, and a lot of patience. Being deaf myself is probably the most important thing though: deaf children know that I’m the same as them, so that enables an attitude of, "If you can do it, I can too." ~ Paul Whitaker


“Revolutionary love is a well-spring of care, an awakening to the inherent dignity and beauty of others and the earth, a quieting of the ego, a way of moving through the world in relationship, asking: ‘What is your story? What is at stake? What is my part in your flourishing?’ Loving others, even our opponents, in this way has the power to sustain political, social and moral transformation. This is how love changes the world.” ~ Valarie Kaur 

I watched this amazing performance a few months ago but thought it would nice to share it here.
All voices and lyrics by Daniel Emmet Nessun Dorma...alla Corona
A crisis does not build character; it reveals character.
We are in an international crisis. It will stress and strain our society. Let’s have as one goal that we reveal our own character by giving thanks to others. ~ Frank Blake
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and if you get a chance to thanks a healthcare worker, do it. Spend time away from the news. Do some exercise. Call a friend. Share some good news. Flatten the curve. Pray. Love your neighbour. Donate money to a food bank. Smile. Only buy what you need. Support small businesses. And take care of each other.
If you are on the Island, come for a visit to the Gardens of Hope. Our miniature donkey, and mare and foal, Jelly Bean wants to meet you. 
With revolutionary love from Prince Edward Island,
Bruce & Mille
2014: Didn't jog.
2015: Didn't jog.
2016: Didn't jog.
2017: Didn’t jog.
2018: Didn’t jog.
2019: Didn’t jog.
2020: Still haven’t jogged.
This is a running joke.
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Murdock Morrison - July 5, 2020

Thank you for the thoughtful and caring message in this time of stress and anxiety for so many across this globe and all of your references of the wonders of music were so meaningful. I especially like all of the things that we can do this weekend , some I am already doing and will attempt some others . We are happy to be on this beautiful island as to be here brings joy to our heart . Take good care . Murdock

Audrey Wilde - July 5, 2020

I Loved, Loved, Loved the information and video of Paul Whitaker. A true example of moving forward to use the talents we posses in spite of some of the hardships one faces. He is a true example for us all. Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us every Sat.

Blessings, Audrey

Paulette Baker - July 4, 2020

Thank you, Bruce. Had to cancel this year’s biannual trip but already booked for next summer. Your blog fills the heart of this friend from Connecticut.

Julie MacKenzie - July 4, 2020

Enjoyed this blog so much…especially the videos…I shared them to my friends. Thanks so much! ;)

Judy (Donovan Whitty) in Charlottetown - July 4, 2020

Bruce, your blogs always delight but today’s in particular “fill me” – I’m sure my heart feels bigger on reading your sharing
today and the quotes re empathy etc. – It was such a special treat to eat at Island preserve last week with my sister and dear sister in law who was treating us for our birthday…then to walk the gardens of Hope for a bit…so peaceful, beautiful foliage etc. and there you and your gardener working away…you and yours are a gift to us here and know that it is so appreciated. The blog is the “icing on the cake”!! virtual hugs, judy (Donovan Whitty) and Favaros (who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary today and are your big fans as well!! Keep safe and well…

Jamie - July 4, 2020

Your blog is my favorite information of the week. It always nourishes the soul in every way. We all need to be kind and thoughtful to ourselves and all with whom we come in contact. It is so healthy in every way. Thank you. How I miss your special place.


Jean Weiss - July 4, 2020

My husband and I had planned two visits to PEI this year, one by cruise ship. We have rebooked for September 2021. We will miss visiting this year. Love your picture of the yellow chair.

Susan Mayo - July 4, 2020

Your photo of the yellow chair made my heart long to be sitting right there. That very spot!
JS and his act of kindness, what a special example of kindness, and an excellent teaching tool!.
“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. Mother Teresa”. This was felt so intensely this last week when my son came for a visit. He has been so cautious with the virus. My daughter, son in law, and new grandson (4 weeks old), staying sequestered. I have been so lonely! Walking into my son’s arms was a shot of ‘I can and will get through this’. I loved the ‘feel the music 🎶’. So inspirational. And your wonderful blog, medicine for the soul! Thank you Bruce. I’m sharing this blog with some special friends.
The flag waving, music loving, southern California fan,
Susan 😇 Mayo

Pierre Bedard - July 4, 2020

Love the music videoclip!
We keep our fingers crossed for the ‘bubble’ to soon include QC and ON so we can make our way to PE.

Lynda Wigglesworth-Wray - July 4, 2020

I do appreciate your thoughtful and aspirational comments. So different from most of what you hear when you turn the television on. I thought it would be a difficult time for your business and so ordered four cups from you in the past few weeks. One of them was a French Bulldog cup. Our neighbour is very kind, shovelled our driveway during the winter months for my husband who is 86 years old. Recently they acquired a golden-coloured French Bulldog so I thought that would make a perfect thank you to him. The dog looked exactly like the one on the cup.
Blessings to you and yours……Lynda Wigglesworth-Wray

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