This muse is a story about John Lister, a 90-year-old who says he has too much to do.

After watching his interview, it started me thinking about choices and conformity. 

Life is about choice. We choose how we respond to what life has brought us so far. We either positively grab life by the shoulders and shake everything out of it for our own purposes or we choose to become victims of everything it has thrown at us per se'. I know from experience that once we choose to learn from our own mistakes, forgive others and ourselves, and to give genuine, heartfelt love freely, we truly begin to live life to the fullest. 

John Lister doesn't plan on retiring.  He runs a beef cattle operation with 40 beef cows on a 300-acre farm in Dromore. Mr. Lister still makes his own bread and cooks his own meals. 

"I don't believe in retirement," he said. "That's people's problem. They retire and do nothing until they get a box to put them in," Lister told Pat Martell, a CBC reporter in a recent interview.

Lister, who was born in England, moved to Prince Edward Island after his wife passed away 40 years ago. 

"I'm quite happy. Life just comes along. And one day, I will go. And that's that," he said. "It don't worry me. I firmly believe that when you look on the calendar, there's a day on it, and that's it. And when you get to that day, you're gonna die," said Lister. 

I hope you enjoyed watching and listening to Mr. Lister as much as I did. I certainly enjoyed his comments and my time reflecting on them. 

Don't think about retiring, how about thinking of living to the fullest.

Have a great week!