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Staff Letter April 30, 2020

Hi Folks, 

Shirley and I wish to drop a note and we hope this finds you and your family safe and well. 

It has been quite a few months, and could very well be a while.

We take strength and inspiration from those on the front lines of healthcare, and all essential services. If you have any family members in this situation, please give them our sincere thanks.

Our governments’ leadership, provincially and nationally has been very good.  Certainly, when comparing our leadership to other parts of the world we can all be grateful.

Governments are in a tough spot and need our appreciation and support.

Here is what we know. 

P.E.I. Premier Dennis King has announced a four-phase plan that will start with limited expansions of freedoms and build up to restaurants and many other businesses and services reopening by mid-June.

Like many of you, we have weathered many things: BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT. 

As we try and plan our path forward, the only thing that appears to be certain is uncertainty. 

We need to be prudent and respectful of our families and our community's health and well being. As a result, we are limiting the amount of staff in the building and restricting them to individual work areas to assure safety for all concerned. 

We will be listening closely to, Dr. Heather Morrison & Premier King and take our guidance from them.

Like many of you, we need to manage our costs. 

We will be working at reduced hours for the coming months until we have a better understanding of what we can expect this year.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to give definite start dates or how many people will be required to operate this season. We have lost a number of tour companies who normally dine and shop with us and I'd venture to say cruise ship season will be very light if at all. 

While we wait, we want to thank Jeremy and Sian for holding down the fort and keeping mail order moving along. Our customers new and old are so pleased with our product and service. The customers are appreciative of being able to purchase our goodies at this time. 

Someday soon, when the world reopens, we’ll be ready to welcome our guests.  

In the meantime, please take care and be safe. 

We miss you all.

Lots of love, 

Bruce & Shirley