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Charcuterie Gift Box

Charcuterie has become more popular in the last several years. It is more common than ever for restaurants to have the option to order a charcuterie board. Individuals are also now locally sourcing ingredients to enjoy their own charcuterie board at home with their family.

What are the origins of the word charcuterie? The word dates back as early as the 15th century in France. Charcuterie comes from the French root words chair, 'flesh', and cuit, 'cooked'. It is a French term for a branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products. Along the streets in France shops called Charcuteries can be found. These shops pay close attention to how the meat is farmed, and the quality of any ingredients mixed with it.
Charcuterie refers to the meat and the way it is prepared. The meat while primarily made of pork can also include bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtes and confit. Historically, it began with smoking meat and fish and then the curing of meat came later.
Modern charcuterie boards have also introduced preserves, antipasto, crackers, cheese and pickled elements. These have become a very welcomed part of Charcuterie boards and offer many new flavours.
Though there are now many ingredients to enjoy in a charcuterie. We would like to give yours a boost with our Charlottetown Charcuterie Gift Box.


This gift box includes some of our favourite local Entertainers: 

  • 250ml/8.8oz. Preserve Company Antipasto
  • 125ml/4.4oz. Preserve Company Regular Pepper Jelly
  • 125ml/4.4oz. Preserve Company Hot Pepper Jelly
  • 125ml/4.4oz. Atlantic Mustard Mill "The Maritimer"
  • 250ml/8.8 oz. Preserve Company Rhubarb Relish
  • 500ml/16.9oz. Fortune Bridge Spicy Pickled Spears
  • 250ml/8.8 oz. Preserve Company Fresh Fruit Cherry Salsa
  • 250ml/8.8 oz. Preserve Company Fresh Fruit Peach Salsa
  • Roasted Garlic Dip Mix
  • 250ml/8.8 oz. Caramelized Red Onion Chutney
  • Carr's Original Water Crackers

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