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Granny's Apple Tea

Our Granny Apple Tea captivates the crisp green flavour of Granny Smith apples and is enriched with dried apple pieces.

Did you know that there are over 1000 varieties of apples grown in North America? It’s true. Or, that even though we are accustomed to buying the same varieties of apples from supermarket to supermarket, in nature, no two apple trees produce genetically identical fruit. The genetic diversity of apple trees makes them extremely hardy and able to whether droughts, blight, and other natural environmental hazards. As for apple tea, did you know that it is considered by some to be the unofficial national drink of Turkey? In that country, apple tea can be enjoyed literally just about anywhere. Whether you are waiting in a bus terminal, perusing carpets, or lounging in a park, you can be sure that you will be approached by an apple tea merchant. The merchants carry the tea in large metal carafes that hang over their backs and curl up over their shoulders like a tuba. The tea is served in small glass teacups with a cube or two of sugar and sipped on the spot. The acidity of apple makes it a natural fit with the astringency of a good black tea. Brew a pot for yourself, add a dash of sugar, a splash of milk and savor the flavor – delicious!

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