The traditional method of producing China green tea involves spreading freshly plucked tea leaves on bamboo trays and exposing them to sunlight or natural warm air for one to two hours. Next, in small batches they are placed into hot roasting pans and moved about quickly with the hands while the natural moisture evaporates. After a few minutes the soft leaves are rolled on bamboo tables before being returned to the roasting pans and moved about quickly once again before being left to dry. By this point the leaves have turned to a dull green colour and will undergo no more change.  Lastly they are sifted and separated into groups of the same size. Every factory has its own subtle uniqueness in terms of production as you will see from the following descriptions.

Our China Green Teas

China Chun Mee

This tea can also be written Chun Mei, Zhenmei and Wuyuan Mingmei all of which translate as “precious eyebrow”. The shape of their processed leaves gives this name to Chun Mee and several other famous eyebrow teas. There is great skill involved in the precise processing of the tea; the leaves are hand rolled to the correct shape at the right temperature for the correct length of time. These long, fine jade leaves give clear pale yellow liquor with a smooth plum-like taste.