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Let it Snow

Let it Snow



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Anne Jean Butcher - January 8, 2018

I am an Islander but living in Ontario. Miss my home town Charlottetown so much . Last trip home had my own car and just went exploring the Island every day. Tried to see as many lighthouses as I could and got some wonderful photos.
As a child we were never permitted to leave our yard except for school. After I left home to come to Ontario is when I first heard of Anne of Green Gables . Returning to Island I went to Montgomery Conferences and totally enjoyed this .

Linda Whittaker - January 5, 2018

I have some time off during the holidays and am putting it to good use by making my way through the different blog posts that I have been saving to read. I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying them. I look forward to making my way through the list and catching up. I have to admit that it was amusing reading about ice cream while being in the midst of a record-setting deep freeze.

Olivia Davis-Hicks - December 24, 2017

I’d REALY love to make a return visit to PEI.. The snow intrigues me but not the cold! Thank you for the lovely photos.

Margaret Kappel - December 23, 2017
And Hope River is where my Mother was born and raised Alice Cullen
Stephanie Vargas - December 23, 2017


Jurgen - December 23, 2017

PEI our great vacation spot For many years we have spent our vacation in PEI in the summer and our yearly breaking was at the Preserve restaurant.We always we’re staying in Stanhope.

Anonymous - December 23, 2017

Beautiful music and art.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year

Bob Lea - December 23, 2017

Beautiful…would like to see the relocated NestCam up and running…don’t see much snow here in South Carolina.

Gladys Okabe Nee Bagnall - December 23, 2017

I love your emails. was born on the Island and miss it so much. your pictures and articles bring me back home. Thank you

Lisa Doyle MacBain - December 23, 2017

Looking magical and inspiring.

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