King Swallowtail


Common Name: King Swallowtail
Scientific Name: Papilio Thoas
Wingspan: 100–130 mm
Location: United States, Mexico, Central America & South America

The King Swallowtail or Thoas Swallowtail (Papilio thoas) is a butterfly of the family Papilionidae. The species is easily confused with the Giant Swallowtail, which it closely resembles in both larval and adult stages. Thoas caterpillars, however, feed on plants of the black pepper family, Piperaceae, while giant swallowtail larvae eat the leaves of citrus plants Rutaceae. Papilio thoas dorsal and ventral view. Adult Thoas swallowtails fly year round in the tropics, feeding on nectar of a variety of flowers, including Lantana, Stachytarpheta, and Bougainvillea among other species.

king swallowtail


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