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Birds, beaches, and summer breezes in PEI

By Ron Arvidson

Greater Yellowlegs at Cape Traverse


This time of year, we all want to be at the beach. The weather is fine, the sand is appealing and the water is warm. But this time of year our beaches are also attractive to our feathered friends and we should all be aware of their presence on the beach.
Year round, our beaches are occupied by crow and seagulls but this time of year we see a number of birds that migrate through the province after breeding and nesting in the Arctic and are on their way south.



A variety of Shorebirds at Augustine Cove


Of these, a group of particular interest are the shorebirds. These birds are found throughout North America along the edge of out waters.   Some prefer salt water and can only be seen on the sandy and rocky coastlines of the oceans and mudflats, while others may be found feeding in salt water and fresh water, depending on the season. A few are found inland and along our streams, or at times, in berry fields. Many of them migrate to areas thousands of kilometers away south.


Semipalmated Plover plus at Cape Traverse


So now is a good time to visit the beach and remember to be mindful that you are sharing it with our feathered friends as they are fuelling up for a long migration and not interrupt their feeding.


Semipalmated Sandpiper at Rovis Beach in Victoria-by-the- Sea



Black-bellied Plover in Carleton Cove



Bonaparte's Gull, a gull that nests in the Arctic and stops to visit on its way South.

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