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Birds & Breakfast

While most of us bird enthusiasts spend most of our time skulking around the woods by ourselves, or with a partner, there are times when it is fun to join an event where there is a larger group. A great example of such an event is the annual Birds and Breakfast at Macphail Woods. This is always a fine event and has been growing over the years and this year was possibly the largest of them all. 

This year, we gathered at 7:00am to have breakfast. At 8:00am, we started the birding tour with a look at a nest box occupies by recently arrived Tree Swallows. Then, it was off to the woods to see a variety of woodpeckers, warblers, and their friends. The tour was led by experienced birders Dwaine Oakley and Gary Schneider.

Group gathering after breakfast to hit the trails.


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker excavating cavity


Group on the road


This is why it is called "warbler neck"


Birding with such a large group may not lead to the best of sighting but it is a great opportunity to share a common interest and to meet new, like-minded people, who enjoy the outdoors and the birds. It is also a fine opportunity to discuss equipment and compare sightings and favourite haunts. Then, you can learn something about salamanders! 

Golden-crowned Kinglet


Black-throated Green Warbler - "Something must look tasty."


Yellow-spotted Salamander eggs. 

And the bonus is great! There's local food prepared by volunteers and staff of Macphail Woods Project. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures of the breakfast. After the early rise and the hour rive, my focus was on the meal. (Sorry, pun intended!) 
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