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Bell’s Pond

One of my favourite places to visit a number of times each year is Bell’s Pond near New Glasgow.  The pond is a beautiful spot that is hidden away in the hills.  One can access the pond either from Route 13 or off the New Glasgow Road on Campbell’s Road.  It is a fairly large pond and the Hunter River flows through a small section of falls and rapids below the pond.  As such, it is a magnet for birds throughout the year. 


Lupins and Spillway 

Spring and summer, it is always a good spot to watch for Warblers and a great selection of other migrants.  In the area recently, I dropped by to check to see if some Eastern Kingbirds I had seen in past years might have returned.  I was driving down the clay road from the New Glasgow Road when I heard an uncommon call.  To my delight, it turned out to be a Baltimore Oriole.  Both of these birds are not very common on PEI. 


Preening Baltimore Oriole 

Later I was able to locate able to see the Kingbird as well as a variety of warblers, Alder Flycatchers, a Red-eyed Vireo and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Not a bad little stop. 


Eastern Kingbird Portrait

And don't forget to drop by in the fall, as that is when you might see migratory waterfowl, including Hooded Merganser.

Text and Photos by REArvidson

Ron Arvidson is an Artist and Teacher as well as an avid Birder.  Ron is also an Administrator for Birding on PEI and his photos may also be seen

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