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Our Birdfeeders

Thank you to Katherine, our graphic designer for taking these lovely photographs in our gardens in the fall of 2014. 

The bird feeders we carry at our store are not only good for the environment, they are also an excellent hassle-free investment for feeding birds in your backyard. Each feeder is made from over 98% recycled material and saves numerous plastic containers from being thrown away in landfills. The recycled material is easy to clean and keeps its new appearance year after year - and is guaranteed never to fade, crack or split.

Our birdfeeders are maintenance free and made of recycled materials. The poly lumber, made from 98% recycled material, is guaranteed never to fade, crack or split. Stainless steel fasteners are used for extra durability.

Recycled poly lumber is made of recycled plastic containers. In the manufacture of this product, twenty plastic milk jug containers were saved from going into a landfill. Recycled poly lumber is easy to care for and easy to clean, keeping its new appearance year after year.

The unique screen bottom provides excellent drainage to keep seed dry and fresh, and the rust-resistant polyester powder-coat finish cleans up easily to promote healthy birds.

Made from 5/8" poly-lumber using recycled materials, this earth-friendly feeder helps keep plastic jugs out of landfills. Aluminum seed tray provides excellent drainage to keep seed dry. 

We also carry a wonderful line of fine seed feeders that are easy to clean and a joy to see our fine feathered friends enjoy. 


We carry a great selection of Squirrel Buster feeders as well. 



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