Gardens of Hope Entry in Early June

The other day I was invited to walk through the Gardens of Hope in New Glasgow, PEI with Tracy Gallant.  I wasn’t able to get there as early as I would have liked and I was not expecting much in the way of birds.  However, the birding activity turned out to be a delight and there were birds around every turn. 


Chipping Sparrow - Gardens of Hope

Almost immediately, we were alerted to a Chipping Sparrow.  Then we saw a Song Sparrow.  He was not singing but sounding a sharp chip note indicating anxiety so we moved on quietly.  Next we were to come upon a Yellow Warbler (the first of a number of them) singing among the apple blossoms while he was looking for insects.  As we through the paths we came across an Eastern Kingbird, again foraging for insects among the apple trees and in the grass. 

For an hour or so, we were able to see a number of birds, most of which are included in the list below. 

Song Sparrow



Eastern Kingbird

Alder Flycatchers



Red-winged Blackbirds

Common Grackles


Yellow Warbler

American Goldfinch


American Crow


Red-winged Blackbird - Gardens of Hope


Gadwall - Gardens of Hope


Distant Eagle - Gardens of Hope

Text and Photos by REArvidson

Ron Arvidson is an Artist and Teacher as well as an avid Birder.  Ron is also an Administrator for Birding on PEI and his photos may also be seen