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Grilled Cheese, Jail Time and Glenn Gould

Posted on April 07, 2018 by Bruce MacNaughton

G'Day from Prince Edward Island

This week I contemplated this by Bernadette Jiwa...

"The story you live and the identity you inhabit are always a choice. You don’t have to operate with the default setting that always, and without question, greedily pays homage to the metric of ‘more’. You can choose to create a career or a company that enables you to do work you’re proud of—and that prospers in the service of others."

Brrr! It is 6 am. and chilly out there today but the sun is supposed to make a full appearance later this morning. No complaints! Some weather forecasters seem to agree that we have one final winter storm coming our way as we head into next week. I'm looking at a potential snowfall as something good for the gardens. Snow has been poor man's fertilizer for generations. As snow falls, it absorbs nitrates from the air, and those nutrients deposit into the soil as the snow melts.

When looking outside see the white, open the door feel the chill, I can’t help but think of the birds…

Read a great article this week on Mental Floss, 25 Things You May Have Not Known About Backyard Birds. 

Did you know?

If you think your local murder of crows is out to get you, it may not be paranoia. Research conducted at the University of Washington in 2008 demonstrated that the bird could recognize faces and hold a grudge when provoked. In the study, scientists donned a caveman mask and then trapped crows (humanely, of course) before banding and setting them free. When the researchers walked the campus in the mask, the crows circled and vocally scolded their suspected captor.

With fierce metabolisms brought on by constant movement, hummingbirds are always in search of nourishment—they require so much of it, in fact, that they’re perpetually a few hours away from starving to death. Ruby-throated hummingbirds will eat up to three times their body weight a day.

Worms make up the majority of their diet, but robins don’t mind if you leave out a dessert tray. The birds are partial to pastry dough, fruit cake, and coconut cake.

More at Mental Floss.

In addition to a snowy forecast, there's something else to look forward to in the next few days, April 12th is officially Grilled Cheese Day. 

A day to celebrate the joy that you find when you combine bread, cheese, and butter. As our children were growing up, Sunday lunch was traditionally tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I usually ate everyone’s crust, just because that's what Dad's do.

I will make a comforting gooey grilled cheese sandwich on Thursday. We will see what cheese inspires me this morning at the farmers market. Perhaps Cows aged cheddar cheese and a spoonful of wild blueberry preserves.

(I know a good brand to buy, LOL) Hint Hint

I heard that Canadians and Americans, make our grilled cheese sandwiches differently. In the US, you add your butter to the pan and then add the sandwich. In Canada, we butter each slice of bread, placing one in the pan, buttered-side down, cover with cheese and put the other slice of bread, buttered-side up on top.

I'm curious to hear how you make your grilled cheese sandwiches. What sort of bread and cheese do you use? Do you add peanut butter like some of my friends? Pears & Camembert, Mayonnaise? Ketchup? Or are you a grilled cheese purist?

Before I leave the page, I sincerely want to wish you a wonderful weekend. May it be one that is stress-free and relaxing. Perhaps there is someone that could use a short visit, "a hug and a hello how are you today?”

I am inspired to say this after reading about the seniors who are doing petty crimes, to be incarcerated and have community in jail, some out of pure loneliness. Read more here.  

When writing, I like to listen to classical music. Glenn Gould, the Canadian pianist whose eccentricities drew my attention when the report of his passing in 1982 aired. He was 50.

I was intrigued by his character, consequently purchased his debut record, Goldberg Variations.  That album and his interpretation of Bach's writings opened my mind to the beauty, power and health benefits of classical music. I listen this morning through my wireless headphones, as I want to hear every note and groan of this artist at play. Read his amazing bio.

With Love from Prince Edward Island, 


His genius is on display via the video below.