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The Gift of Music

Posted on December 20, 2017 by Bruce MacNaughton

Loving music or at least the sound of music ( I can't play a thing) has always captured my heart and mind. My musical tastes have morphed from my first album by Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced and second being Sweet Baby James by James Taylor.  It goes on from there to over 2000 records, CD's, etc. purchased. My musical taste has always been eclectic, but I find myself drawn to classical and choral the last few years. Now with the advent of Apple Music or similar streaming services, they basically make the worlds musical catalogue available to enjoy for ten dollars a month. 

A few years ago I read an interesting article, 50 People Who Changed Classical Music Forever in a BBC Classical Music magazine.

What I found intriguing was by their account number one was Pythagoras, c.570-495 BC; Greek mathematician and philosopher.

The story goes like this, he was walking by a blacksmith shop and noticed how hammers of different weights striking against anvils could create agreeable harmonies. He later experimented by plucking a string and found the simplest ratios produced pleasurable sounds. And so the foundation for music begins.

Number two was Jesus Christ b.o. AD; Son of God.

It is a reality that the quantities of music too many to be measured would ever have been established as core repertoire in Western classical tradition and certainly never written had not Jesus of Nazareth existed. Can you imagine Christmas without Handle's Messiah or Bach's Passions? He is the primary initiator and remains to this day an emblematic figure for music composers of all musical styles drawn to examine storylines of birth, struggle, death and resurrection. 

As you go about your holidays, I hope the music you are fortunate to hear this Christmas moves you in a good way. (The radio moves me to turn it off most days!) LOL

I hope you enjoy some of the music videos I have shared on this blog, they are some of my favourite Christmas music videos. 

Andre Bocelli - The Lord's Prayer with Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Close your eyes and listen to the beautiful song written by Lennie Gallant, one of Canada's best songwriters. Lennie strikes a chord within while he hauntingly sings The Innkeeper, artwork by his sister Karen Gallant

I could add so much more to this blog, but this last one is for individuals who will be missing loved ones this Christmas, perhaps for the first time. If so our hearts go out to you, and we hope you find some solace in this video. This song is best appreciated by those who know the real reason for the season and who celebrate the birth of Christ. 

Song sang by Craig Aven accompanied by The Piano Guys. ( have the tissue at hand )

Shirley, I and all the staff from The Preserve Company want to sincerely wish you and yours a wonderfully cozy and beautiful Christmas. 

With Love from Prince Edward Island!!!