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12 Days Of Christmas Spirits!🍃Tipsy Minty Hot Chocolate đŸ«

12 Days Of Christmas Spirits!🍃Tipsy Minty Hot Chocolate đŸ«

I've been having SO MUCH FUN experimenting with Preserve Company products since my husband Adam and I purchased the company earlier this year.

(If our accountant is reading this, this experimenting has PURELY been for research and development. I promise.)

If you've been watching my Favourite Things videos, you know how much I love adding Preserve Company products to my cocktails and mocktails.

That's what inspired our new Happy Hour Gift Box, and it also inspired what we're calling the 12 Days of Christmas Spirits!

Each day from now until Christmas Eve, I'll post a new festive drink idea here on my blog for you to try at home.

I might be biased, because I believe our products are the very best ones to use in all of these cocktail and mocktail recipes, but go ahead and use any substitutions that make you happy! 

Now, I don't know about you, but for me, this time of year I want to be as cozy as possible. So for this, the first day of Christmas Spirits, I made a tipsy hot chocolate with Preserve Company Milk Chocolate Cocoa and a splash of JD Shore After Eightish Cream Liquor. 

If you'd rather omit the alcohol, it's just as delish topped with whipped cream and a candy cane. Enjoy!

I'll be back tomorrow with another recipe for you to try.




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C. Patricia Maccagno - December 17, 2022

Love all your videos, Marsha. Hope they lead to new idea boxes which are so easy to order!Thanks

Joan Young - December 14, 2022

Oh so much fun! Thanks Marsha!

Candy - December 13, 2022

Such a fun idea, Martha! Thanks for sharing your creativity and sense of cozy for the Christmas senses. I look forward to trying.

Can’t wait to enjoy “the Count Down” of Spirits!!



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