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Blueberries R' Us

Blueberries R' Us

It is the last long weekend of the summer...families are rushing to get all the things done that was to be done before the fall hits.  

Though summer isn’t technically over until September 22nd, there’s an undeniable chill in the air here in Prince Edward Island now that August has left us for another year.

Some housekeeping news first. 

Our restaurant will be open on Labour Day with reduced hours of 9am-4pm. We will then remain open from 9am-8pm through September 16th, then we’ll be open with the reduced hours of 9am-4pm from September 17 until October 8th.

It is the time of year where a lot of our summer staff are moving on to the next mile in their journey, whether it is back to school or on to new careers. We will miss them and certainly wish them all the best. 

We have had many a wonderful young person work with us over the years, and my only hope is that we had a positive effect on them. I am mindful of a quote I found years ago, that is applicable to what I am feeling. "The blossom cannot tell what becomes of its odor; and no man can tell what becomes of his influence." (Henry Ward Beecher)

Gardens of Hope

Now, I would like to share a wonderful local news story with you today.

If you’ve enjoyed a Blueberry Crumble Sundae at a McDonald's restaurant this summer, you were enjoying wild blueberries grown in our region!

198,000 pounds of wild blueberries from the Maritimes are used in this fast food menu item. All of the berries used in the sundaes were processed in the community of Morell right here in PEI. It’s exciting to make a connection between our small island home and a large global brand!

It’s wonderful to see wild blueberries used on such a large scale. Many of our customers from all over the world love our wild blueberry preserves (our sugar-free version is flying off the shelves). These small berries have a distinct taste and we just love them.

Do you have plans for this last long weekend of the summer? Perhaps you may like to head to your local McDonalds to try a taste of Prince Edward Island.

With love from Prince Edward Island, 



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Cecile - September 4, 2017

My sister and I had lunch at your restaurant this summer, and found the food and the service to be excellent! I hope to return next summer!

shirley dail - September 3, 2017

I have a friend here in wilmington nc usa who manages some McD. I will be sure and tell him this. Love your blogs and loved our visit to PEI this summer!

Glenda Parker - September 3, 2017

What a wonderful place you have and wonderful history!! I love Anne of Green Gables and I would love to live in your region!! God Bless All!!

Elaine - September 2, 2017

Feel free to send some cool air down our way. We are weary of the 90 plus temps that have been with us since late April. When do the colors change in your area? We would love to make a trip up to PEI next fall, the Lord willing.

Joyce - September 2, 2017

Coming to the Island mid Sept. and glad you will still be open. Looking forward to visiting.

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