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Stout Mustard

Stout Mustard
$9.95 CAD


MustArts - Homemade, natural food proudly made with 100% solar energy on PEI. No preservative. Vegan.

Ingredients - Organic Yellow & Brown Mustard Seeds, Organic White Vinegar, Beer, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sea Salt, Organic Malt Extract

Size: 125ml

What can MustArt be used for?
- On your sausage or burger. Or on a roast
- Perfect on sandwiches and cheese
- Gives your salad dressing/sauces the right kick
- Sprinkle on homemade pizza

Benefits of MustArt
- It's probiotic
- It's digestive and appetite stimulating
- The oil from the mustard seeds are antibacterial
- New study shows that mustard can reduce the risk of cancer

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