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PURE Infused Maple Syrup - Maple Gastrique

PURE Infused Maple Syrup - Maple Gastrique
$15.00 CAD
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This is probably the most ‘chefy’ of all these maple creations – a perfect way to leave your dinner guests wondering how you transformed those simple sautéed greens. PURE’s Maple Gastrique makes it super easy with all the hard work done balancing the sweetness of maple syrup, with the tartness of pure apple cider vinegar. The result is that you get all the kudos. In addition to sautéed vegetables, it's a way to transform stir frys (a light drizzle does wonders!), use it in sauces to add depth and complexity to flavours, and as the base for Asian dipping sauces for dumplings and gyoza.

Size: 250ml

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